I’m all about the smart home and while much of my focus has been on the interior of the house, with some limited exterior, Yarbo has been one of those companies that are just calling my attention. I got the chance to talk with them about the Yarbo robot at CES, and this is definitely something we like to review here at G Style!

The Yarbo robot brings some smarts to the outside of the home and handles some tasks while we’re all capable, why not get some of that time back or use it in other places? Yarbo’s products consist of the following, the Yarbo Lawn Mower S1, Blower B1, and Snow Blower S1. Each of these comes with the Yarbo robot’s main body, and then the utility attached needed for that function. This could be for mowing the lawn, blowing leaves (definitely something I need when that time of the fall season hits!), or blowing snow. And it can do this without the need to bury any barrier wires in your yard!

Now convenience doesn’t come cheap, but if you see the prices of some ride-on electric mowers, the Yarbo isn’t too far away. Starting price I’ve seen is about $3,359 for the Yarbo Blower B1, so if you just need leaf blowing, that is your starting point. There there are various price points and bundles you can customize your needs. Check them out at https://www.yarbo.com! We’ll be trying to see if we can get one to review, so stay tuned!

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