We’ve covered cars, and motorcycles to an extent, and we’ve begun covering EVs. What I would like to hopefully do more of in 2023, is coverage of EV motorcycles. One company I definitely want to take a look at their booth was Verge Motorcycles. I stopped by their booth and took a look at the TS Pro and TS Ultra they had on display there.

Both the TS Pro and TS Ultra look great, they look aggressive and lean toward futuristic. The TS Ultra packs some very nice specs for an electric superbike with a top speed (has been limited to) 124mph, a 0-60 of 2.5 secs, and equipped with a fast charging time of 25 mins. They also have a unique hubless motor within the rear wheels which makes for a unique look and some increased torque. Verge motorcycles are working on their presence this year in the US. They already have been doing their thing in other countries around the globe.

We’re looking forward to seeing them in the US, even if that might initially begin on the West coast (the East coast needs some love too!). We’ll be keeping an eye out for this later this year! The TS Ultra starts at $44,900 with est delivery being Q4 of 2023. They also have the TS Pro starting at $29,900, and the TS starting at $26,900.

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