To officially kick off CES 2023, Dolby Labs threw a private concert featuring one of the biggest musical artists of this current generation with multi-platinum and Grammy award winning band Imagine Dragons. This show was performed at Dolby Live which is an amphitheater that Dolby took over in 2021 and reconstructed it with Dolby Atmos technology.

The 5,200-seat theater is outfitted with speakers that are everywhere from left, right, front, ceiling and even against the back walls. So, you can experience the same detailed sound no matter where you sit. I stayed in the pit area with some fellow colleagues, and we came across the same conclusion this being the best concert we ever heard. We didn’t get that drowned out sound feel, headaches, or fatigue coming out the theater. Being a fan of Dolby Atmos (as I attend the movies and use sound systems at home) this was top notch. You feel and hear everything with such detail and depth.

Imagine Dragons put on an amazing show from top to bottom with incredible energy. This concert was also put together to benefit the Tyler Robinson Foundation. It is Imagine Dragons’ nonprofit organization dedicated to support families facing pediatric cancer diagnosis and other local charities around the Las Vegas area. Imagine Dragons and Dolby gave away thousands of tickets to volunteers, team members and people in those organizations that serve.

This show has definitely left an outstanding impression on me and I need to see another show at Dolby Live the next time I am in Las Vegas.

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