I can’t get enough of the VR space – and immediately after getting my hands on the Meta Quest 2, I was on a shopping spree for accessories. I ended up getting the official carrying case, grip protection, the Bobova cooling fan with an alternative visor cushion, a battery pack for the headband that has a rotating adjuster, heavy duty 16ft USB-C cables and more. But for some reason, I never got the chance to research if there were charging stations. Thanks to Turtle Beach, their compact VR Charger titled “FUEL” is not only…. well compact, but it’s efficient and works with my accessories intact…. mostly.

Designed for the Minimalist

Fuel is incredibly sleek with its hard plastic material finish – the off-white color matches perfectly with my Meta Quest 2 and the insert is just snug enough to fit the Quest 2 quite marvelous. In the front you get 3 light indicators showcasing the charging levels ranging from red, yellow to green. The motion controls fit perfectly behind the headset even with the charging bank attached – though some adjustment is needed as the weight can detach the magnetic USB-C attachment from its place.

Yes, because of its compact design, Turtle Beach opted for as magnetic attachment for the adapter so, you’ll have to connect that piece to the headset before inserting into the station – but the magnetic pressure is tough so there’s no issues with connectivity. With its compact footprint, you can place the charging station practically anywhere you please, and even with the turtle beach logo in the front, it’ll look entirely stylish regardless.

You can connect the charging station via USB or fast charging adapter, and since the Quest 2 comes with one, it’ll work with ease. Fuel comes with a 6ft cable, so you’re good to go there. I found that my Quest 2 was fully charged within 45mins after docking it while in yellow indication, which is impressive to say the least. Additionally, Fuel comes with 2 high-capacity controller battery packs that gives 20+ hours of usage, which is a lot given that I can only play like max 3hrs on a good day without succumbing to motion sickness.

Must Have

Fuel VR Charging Station is a must have for VR enthusiast looking to make the most out of there accessories and headset – I highly recommend this alternative as it goes for $79.99 and compared to the other variations that goes well over $100 with the same functionality provided here, it’s a no brainer.

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