As a homeowner, I’m always looking for more ways to do “smart” things with my home. At this point, I’ve covered the inside, with only better refinement as I go along, but I do be looking for ways to expand outside of the home into the backyard or around the property. Back in 2018, we looked at the ride-on mower but had to go electric vs gas. You can see that post here. But let’s take that a step further and not have to mow the grass at all. We’ve known about Landroid by Worx before, and have wanted to get to check out a model, but today, we think we see the model definitely worth checking out!

The Landroid Vision brings autonomous mowing to the home but solves the pain point of having to lay down barrier cables in your yard. With Landroid Vision, it can move freely about with its camera and neural network to see where it needs to cut, what to avoid, and where not to go. No need for any prior setup, just take it out of the box, charge it up, and let it mow! Unlike robotic vacuums, the Landroid Vision won’t bump along its way, which for furniture and hard objects it may not be a big deal. Not so much though, when it comes to pets, wildlife, and humans. So the Vision looks to reduce that risk.

The Vision can do multiple zones, and with RFID tags it can know where to travel as it is cutting. Quiet as it is electric, with access to lights for night cutting, and future-proof with over-the-air updates, this could make taking care of your lawn a walk in the park. This will be something we will look to try and review for the spring/summer time. It will come in 3 models, with prices maxing out at about $3000. Stay tuned!

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