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When it comes to traveling, people will always have their own individual motivations. Some people like to travel in order to witness the customs and traditions of other cultures outside of their own. There are also people who travel because they are motivated by the food and cuisines of foreign lands. Then, there are also those who like to travel because they might want to explore more of another country’s cities, cultural heritage sites, or historical landmarks. Also, there are so many people who like to travel for the purposes of shopping and commerce. Every reason for traveling is just as valid as the other, and there’s one particular travel motivation that is quickly rising in popularity: gambling.

It’s no secret that gambling has always been a popular pastime. That’s why it has managed to grow to become one of the most lucrative economic sectors in the world. And it’s always safe to assume that traveling can drive the tourism of any travel destination. Places like Monte Carlo, Macau, and Las Vegas are prime examples of how the gambling industry can boost the tourism in a certain region. Of course, people are always free to access some of the best European online casinos on a site like Casinofy. Sites like these do a good job at curating the most reputable gambling sites in the world for people to use. But nothing can really replicate the experience of actually gambling on the casino floor with a bunch of other people around.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re looking for the most luxurious gambling experience possible, then you must consider visiting Monte Carlo. The Casino de Monte Carlo was famously featured in the hit James Bond film Casino Royale. But more than that, Monte Carlo is also home to some of the finest hotels and shopping centers in the world. It may not necessarily be the ideal travel destination for budget-conscious travelers, but if you can spare the expense, then it’s definitely a place worth visiting at least once. 

Sanremo, Italy

When you think of Italy, you might think of places like Rome for its gorgeous architecture or Florence for the latest fashion trends. But when it comes to gambling, you should definitely hit up Sanremo. Aside from the fact that Sanremo is home to some of the best gambling establishments in all of Italy, it’s also an incredibly beautiful place to just roam around in. Sanremo is a seaside resort town that gives its visitors a chance to take a dip into the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And who doesn’t love Italian food?

St. Julian’s, Malta

Malta is a country that is practically synonymous with the world of gambling. It’s known to be one of the most gambling-friendly nations in the world. But more than that, Malta is also a perfect travel destination for tourists who are looking for something a little more upscale. The town gives tourist’s access to the Mediterranean Sea as well as warm waters and plenty of great scuba diving spots. The casinos in Malta don’t necessarily enforce strict dress codes, but gamblers in St. Julian’s are likely to be seen sporting suits and evening dresses. It’s the kind of town wherein people dress to impress.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is a resort town that’s found in the Swiss mountains. It’s host to some of the most prominent picturesque views in the world with glorious mountains, dense forests, fresh meadows, and heavenly glaciers. Interlaken offers a bunch of different hiking and skiing options for travelers. But for those who are looking for more indoorsy activities, there are casinos. It’s the kind of travel destination that has just about everything for everyone. It would be difficult for any traveler to not be able to find something to do while visiting Interlaken. 


Europe is a gambling-rich continent and the destinations featured on this list represent only a small sample size of the best that the entire continent has to offer. There are so many other great gambling destinations around the world that are perfect for tourists, especially in other continents like Asia and North America. But when it comes to European travel destinations, it’s going to be very difficult to top the entries on this list. 

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