BenQ is probably my personal favorite company when it comes to the gaming monitor that I use for my PC and console gaming. They’ve always been reliable, gave me great specs and always had a clean aesthetic. This holiday season you can get yourself one these great gaming monitors at discount on their website and if you can take advantage of one these deals then you absolutely should.

EX240 – $209.99 Org. $239.99

The EX240 is a 24-inch,165Hz gaming monitor that automatically optimizes image color detail and contrast in response to ambient light for one-of-a-kind gaming visuals and reduced blur  for smooth gameplay.

EX240N – $169.99 Org. $199.99

The EX240N is similar to the EX240 in size and hertz but uses a VA panel and includes one HDMI port. 

If you want to pick up one of these dope monitors you can head over to BenQ HERE and snatch one up. Get your game on in an affordable way with one of the best in business at making gaming monitors

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