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Poker was invented way back in 19th century America and has become so popular that is now enjoyed by millions of people globally. Thanks to the rise of online casinos, this classic card game has recently grown to become one of the most played games in the world.

Whether it’s a high stakes showdown, poker tournament, or a game with friends, poker is a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. But why are so many people playing?

Why People Play Poker


Poker is a great game in its own right, but the ability to win money is obviously an added attraction. With online casinos offering poker games to suit every budget, there’s a chance for everybody to win, whether they’re experienced gamers or beginners.

Having money on the line also adds to the tension, making poker one of the most exciting games around.


Unlike many casino games that are played against the banker or a machine, poker is played against other people. This makes it a far more sociable game and a great choice for friends and family.

Online poker games even have chat rooms allowing players to hang out, so no matter where you are in the world, you still get that social interaction and the chance to meet new people.


Many casino games involve pure chance or luck, but poker is the game that involves the most skill. That makes it even more exciting as players pit their wits against the rest of the table to see who comes out top.

Many players, including professionals, will regularly practice to improve their skills and chances of winning.


There’s no way poker would be this popular if it wasn’t fun to play. With a wide variety of poker games available and tables for every budget, it’s a great way to spend some time whatever your ability.

The Best Device for Playing Online Poker

To access online casinos and poker games, players need a PC or mobile phone, but which one is best? Below we take a look at the pros and cons of PCs and mobiles when it comes to playing poker.


There was a time when if you wanted to play any video game then it had to be on a PC, because mobiles and tablets didn’t have the computing power required. Technology has changed that argument with smaller, more powerful processors and better screens, allowing mobile phones to become a game hub in your pocket. But PCs still hold lots of advantages over mobiles.


Big Screen

A big screen gives players a clear overview of the game, allowing them to focus on their hand. It also allows gamers to play several tables at the same time should they desire.

Many experienced players enjoy multi-tabling at online casinos. By playing several games at the same time it helps to maximize their efficiency, and potentially, their winnings.

Having several windows open simultaneously also allows players to use key game tools to their advantage, such as poker preflop charts.


PCs are more powerful than mobile phones and that processing advantage allows gamers to play without the fear of the screen freezing at the wrong time. PCs can easily handle playing poker over multiple tabs without the worry of losing a hand because of technical issues.

Immersive experience

PCs allow gamers to attach big screens and powerful speakers, making the whole experience a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Better Controls

Who hasn’t touched their smart phone screen and accidentally pressed something they didn’t mean to? Using a mouse – or game controller – on a desktop reduces any costly mistakes when playing an important hand of poker.

Best Brands

With so many gaming PCs out there, it can be hard to decide which one to go for. But the best brands to look out for are Acer, Corsair, Dell and Alienware, all of which produce well respected gaming machines at a range of prices to suit every budget.


The availability and advancement of mobile devices have brought the excitement of poker to anyone with a smart phone. Security measures, banking methods, sign up, transaction management and customer care are the same as you will find on a PC, but there are some important differences to consider.

No Multi Table gaming

There small screen size on a mobile means that multi table gaming and helpful game tools are not accessible on a mobile. While that may be okay for a casual gamer, it rules out mobile gaming for any serious poker player.

Small Screen

If you want to win at poker you need to focus on the game, and mobiles with small screens make that increasingly difficult. The more immersive experience of a big screen PC removes distractions and ensures your focus is firmly on the game.

Online Poker Whether you access the best gaming action on your PC or mobile device, poker is an exciting and fun game to play. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, then poker on a PC is the way to go.

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