This year for the iPhone 14 Series Catalyst has released two cases out the gate with those being the “Influence” which has an option of MagSafe or non-MagSafe and the Crux Case. Both these cases provide protection for your iPhone 14 Series device but have different audiences to cater to.


Crux Case

If you are looking for heavy protection the Crux might catch your eye. It has an impact protection that has designed to manage 2.5x higher drops than military standards. There are thick bumpers on each end to take the blunt of any drop. Also, its rubberized backing provides a nice grip. If wireless charging is your game, there is MagSafe compatibility on the back as well.

Influence Case

Setup to be a bit more stylish, the Influence comes in two colorways of Stealth Black or Clear. It is designed to bump out 30% more sound than most cases and like the Crux has a 2.5x high drop survival rating. One of my fave features frankly is the rotating mute switch. It helps to not have to dig your fingers or nails into the usual case cutout and its just fun to play with. Influence comes in MagSafe or non-MagSafe options which is a $20 difference.


The latest cases from Catalyst are great for work and play depending on your needs. Influence shows off your new iPhone 14 Series colorway especially via the clear version while Crux gives you a bit more protection and grip.

Crux is available for $49.99 and Influence is $59.99 ($39.99 – non MagSafe) via Amazon for all iPhone 14 models.

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