Cross Play has been an essential evolution of gaming since 2019 and one I find the hardest to navigate through. My friends are scattered like wildfire with Discord on PC, PS5 party chat, Nintendo App and so on. When we want to play together, we have to make sure we spend extra money just to hang out. But, the bridge we needed is here with the Logitech G Astro A30 – a comfortable and high-grade gaming headset with tech designed for pure convenience. The A30 is the only one in the series with the ability to mix audio between multiple sources at the same time without an additional device. That means PS5|XSX, phone for Discord and even a headphone jack to another source all at once while delivering clear audio queues. The A30 is by far the best choice for gaming in this current state, even if the software to adjust is a bit combursome.

The aesthetic of the A30 is very sleek, almost entirely made with high-grade rubber. The ear cushion seems to be memory foam that fits comfortably – and I’m prone to ear-aches during long sessions, yet this hasn’t disrupted my flow yet. One cool element for those that want to customize their gear is the ability to replace the ear cups exterior for your own thematic flavor.

The A30 comes with an excellent 40mm audio driver for those deep explosive bass and directional footsteps during intense moments; they arrived just in time too, as COD MW2 BETA was live which gave me an edge against those bunny hopper. Similar to Destiny 2’s Crucible matches or when I was just doing seasonal activities with my clanmates. It just sounds much more immersive than usual and I love it. Alongside is a built-in microphone for portability as well as a detachable boom microphone for clear comms. There is a directional dial beneath the right ear for volume control as well as audio blending with chat and game. All of this cannot function correctly without the Logitech G app – which is a shame – I hope Logitech decides to implement the PS5 volume blending with the dial at some point. The Logitech G app renames itself to Astro G when using it on mobile devices and acts as a digital audio mixer. Although it works using directional dial blending, it was glitching on me – nothing a firmware can’t fix – I found myself using the app more than the dial.

It takes about 4.5hrs to charge and at max you’ll be greeting with 27hrs of intensity; its not the longest lasting headset but for what it’s doing, I couldn’t be happier. The range from your console is about 15 meters which is great when you couple it with Logitech’s incredible 2.4ghz wireless reciever. USB type C is your charging cable of choice, I expect nothing less at this point. Overall, pretty standard UX buttons with its Bluetooth and Power.

If you’re looking to blend your audio with ease and without an additional devices, the Logitech G Astro A30 may just be your best choice. I don’t find myself using another headset for a very long time.


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