Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush

We talk a lot about tech here as well as tech and gadgets that benefit our health and fitness. Yet, I think the one area we haven’t really covered is oral hygiene. As important as it is to keep our mind and body healthy it’s also important to keep our teeth and gums healthy because it’s usually our smile that makes the biggest impression on people. So with that said, we’re taking a look at a toothbrush today, but not just any toothbrush. This is the Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush with built-in Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, and sonic power.

Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush


The Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush (aka Sonic Electric Toothbrush Smart 20) comes as an all-in-one package that includes everything you’ll need to keep your teeth looking healthy and clean. The package includes the main unit, a handy travel and storage case, eight brush heads (four W-shaped bristles, two charcoal bristles, and two soft bristles), and a charging cable.

The main unit is well made, mostly out of plastic, but the entire unit is waterproof. You can use it to brush your teeth in the shower or rinse the unit to clean, but it’s not recommended to submerge it or to have it wet while charging. The brush heads can be easily attached and detached which is handy if you want to use different heads based on how you want your teeth cleaned.

Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush

On the side of the unit, you’ll find a power button and each press of it will switch modes. You have modes for whitening, cleaning, soft brush mode, gum care, and a smart mode. On the bottom of the unit, you’ll find a charging port. Note that you’ll have to also provide your own charger as there isn’t one in the box. 

Back to smart mode, it is used in conjunction with the iSpruz app which is used to keep track of your daily routines, suggestions on how you should brush, and whether or not you’re brushing too hard or too softly. The app can be used for the other modes too, but smart modes let you adjust settings from within the app. The others are just preset.

The pressure sensor indicator lets you know when you’re brushing too hard to help prevent gum and tooth enamel damage. tooth enamel.

In terms of specs, they’re pretty impressive. The battery is good for about 100 days of use between charges. The S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush also generates 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute using a Maglev Motor. This is 3x stronger than a regular eccentric motor electric toothbrush which means it’ll probably do a better job of scrubbing away buildup. I did mention that there are three different brush heads you can use based on your needs with five different modes of use.

All-in-all, even though it isn’t quite that important, the S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush is a good looking toothbrush. I love the all-black look. It’s very sleek looking and will 1-up your brushing game.

Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush


The first thing you’ll want to do is download the iSpruz app if you want to keep track of your daily routine. It isn’t necessary however if you don’t want to use the smart options as it is still very possible to use the S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush without the app. I know some people are concerned about having to download another app, especially one that serves no real purpose other than when you brush your teeth.

Whether or not you download the app, the S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush is very easy to use. Attach the brush head you want and just press the power button to switch between modes. That’s pretty much it. It’s suggested that you divide your mouth up into 4-zones and brush for about 30 seconds in each zone for a total of 2-minutes.

After brushing, you are still encouraged to floss as well as use some mouthwash as well.

I will say, the first time you use a sonic toothbrush can be a bit jarring. For starters, the vibrations are really strong and can make your mouth feel a bit weird when in use. Your lips will feel really weird and tickle, but you’ll get used to it after a few uses. I would probably suggest starting off at a lower setting and maybe gradually increasing it as you get used to it. I will say though that after my first couple of cleanings, my teeth do feel a lot smoother overall. It will probably take some time before I notice anything with my gums or if my teeth will actually get whiter.

Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush


So how good is the Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush? For the price, it’s not bad at all. When you compare it to something like a Phillips branded unit, the Bitvae is unbelievably affordable. Especially with everything that it comes with. You get about 2-years worth of brush heads and based on the 100 days of use between charges, you’ll only need to roughly change this thing three times a year. You can also choose to use the Bitvae S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush with or without the smart app, but you’ll definitely get more out of it if you do use it.

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