It was around this time last summer we got to listen to what soundbars Vizio had to offer, and they were quite surprising. We are starting off their 2023 lineup of soundbars with the M2130ad-K8 All-in-One from their M-Series tier. It brings a familiar design from one of their other speakers but has a lot packed into its wide but short frame. Can it be a booming hit for the price?


So when I said it was a familiar design it’s because this newest soundbar by Vizio takes ques from its V-Series V21d-J8 model we reviewed last year.  It has that minimalist look with that semioval curve that is draped in fabric. This is mostly black with grayish portions on each side. It still stretches side to side at 36” while being just over 2” tall.

Right side has various buttons ranging from power, source, volume controls, and Bluetooth while the left side is the oh so familiar Vizio symbol. With everything on the sides this allows it to blend into its surroundings and not stand out visually.

Now there are LED lights in the front, but you only see them when doing volume controls, changing EQ settings, or powering it on. Besides the slight LED visuals, they are audio prompts letting you know these changes.

Hidden in the back is where you plug up all your wires. Ports such as Optical, (2) Aux, USB-A, and (2) HDMI ports (one being “In” and the other being “Out” with eARC support). Got to love the labeling so no mistakes are made plugging up your device. Even the included Vizio HDMI cable has green tabs to ensure this.

Included with the M213ad-K8 is a HDMI cable, wall brackets, power cord and remote.

Setup / Features

It took only a matter of minutes to get the M213ad-K8 up and running. Connected the wires to the TV, powered up and we were up and running. I did only use the HDMI connection from soundbar to TV. You can connect voice assistant devices if you desire as well. There is the ability to Bluetooth sync it which I did with my Google Pixel 6 Pro which was simple and straightforward.

The soundbar can be catered to various environments thanks to its EQ Mode. These different settings range from Music, Movie, Game, Direct, and Dialogue. If that is not enough, you can tinker with the bass and treble buttons. There is a night mode button which lowers the bass if needed for those late hours. Also, a TruVolume button levels out the audio no matter what you are watching. This can help for those that can’t deal with audio levels going up and down.

Vizio has made it easier for controls with the soundbar if using with their own TV. Instead of changing options on the remote you can do so on-screen via the sound menu. This maybe easier for those that cannot quite get the remote controls correct.


Within this soundbar there is a total of six speakers. Those are dual subwoofers, two tweeters, and a pair of woofers. There is support for DTS:X and Dolby Atmos while being paired with DTS Virtual: X to give you a full-on audio immersive experience. Virtual: X basically fits the void of having additional speakers which is handy for smaller apartments and is just overall cost effective for many people.

I tried it out over various movies such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Spider Man Far from Home” over VUDU while “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” and “Aquaman” were used on my PS5 via 4K UHD disc.

The Dark Knight Rises while in 4K supports Dolby Digital+ but during the Batman / Bane 1st encounter I was able to feel the punches that encountered a bit. Flipping on Virtual: X upped the details. Spider Man FFH has countless action sequences, and each managed well with the Dolby Atmos support. Things coming at all angles were felt but Virtual: X added more to the ever-changing atmosphere. My Aquaman 4K Disc utilizes DTS:X and has loud punchy dialogue and bass which the soundbar held up well with. On my Xbox Series X I played Forza Horizon 5 which made you feel like you were in the driver’s seat as I went turn by turn.

Using it for my TV consumption via YouTube TV, YouTube and other apps provided nice sound for everyday viewing. Bluetooth isn’t bad either if you want to use it to play some tunes from your phone or heck anything you have running on it.

M213ad-K8 was used with a PS5, Xbox Series X, NVIDIA Shield, and Vizio SmartCast TV Apps.


Over the past few weeks, I have found the M213ad-K8 great for everyday listening. It is a nice replacement for TV speakers and does a decent job of packing so much sound in its small frame. This while giving you Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support. I found myself turning on the Virtual: X more for movies which helped in getting more detail and immersion. Of course it doesn’t replace having additional speakers and a actual subwoofer like the M51AX-J6 but does a banging job. For $199.99 its amazingly inexpensive for those that want a bit of everything in their living room without breaking the bank. Its also on Amazon for $179.99

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