Everybody loves Hot Wheels. It’s why when the first Hot Wheels DLC came out with Forza Horizon 3 it was such a huge hit. I didn’t get a chance to play the Hot Wheels expansion in FH3 and in hindsight I’m feeling like an idiot that I didn’t. At the time, I thought it would have been too childish for me considering that I was already playing an arcade style racer. This time around I promised myself that I was going to play every expansion and fully get the entire Forza Horizon 5 experience and I’m glad I did because the Hot Wheels DLC is exactly what Forza Horizon 5 needs right now.


The HOT WHEELS DLC really pushes speed on you as if FH5 wasn’t already a super fast arcade racer. Going up and down the tracks you’ll encounter ice, loops and my personal favorite the waterslide. The events that you play within the expansion are reminiscent of the Hot Wheels toy sets we played with as kids. They’re over the top and scientifically impossible but that’s the best part of it all. From the second you start the DLC the very first race gives you that feeling of G-Forces and exhilirating speed when you’re shot out of the launcher.

This expansion just like it’s FH3 predecessor has a new map and a few new cars that were/are part of the actual Hot Wheels car collection. The Deora II, the COPO Camaro and Brabham BT62 are the fan favorites and there are 6 more. You won’t start off with these cars right away, you’ll have to work your way to getting them.


Once you enter the Hot Wheels map you’ll start off with a series of “Rookie” events with just the B series cars and you’ll have to do a host of races, tasks and challenges to unlock not just the special Hot Wheels cars but the ability to use your personal cars. It’s part of the progression system which isn’t much different at all from what you were already doing on the FH5 map. The more you do, the more the map opens up.

There are a total of 9 cars added to the expansion that you can earn so if you want to get the most out of this expansion then it’s an absolute must that you take the time to do all of the events.

The Event Lab is just another way to create your own personalized tracks just like you can do already but of course you can a whole lot crazier with the loops, waterslides, ice, jumps, stunts, whatever and again, nothing that you couldn’t already do in the standard FH5 map but the benefit of the Hot Wheels map may actually make you try and build and create a personalized event for you to play over and over and for everyone else to try.


Expansion DLC’s in a lot of ways can be tough sells for a game that you’ve already paid a pretty penny for, especially nowadays. In the case of FH5, the Hot Wheels DLC adds an element to the game that FH5 that improves upon what is already an incredible game. The developers over at Playground Games struck gold again with the HOT WHEELS DLC.

With FH4 we got the Lego expansion which was incredibly popular. This expansion of Hot Wheels is just Forza doing what it does best and that’s bring more speed and more fun with a new element. While this version of the expansion for some may not not as exciting as it was in FH3, for those like me that are playing Hot Wheels DLC for the first time, I strongly recommend adding this DLC to your existing game and complete the whole Forza Horizon 5 experience until the next big DLC comes along. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend a few bucks to get it as it’s not included with your Game Pass subscription but it’s a small price to pay for some additional content that adds so much value to an already great racer.

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