Toucan Security Floodlight Camera

In this day and age where anything can happen in front of your home now, such as theft of your automobile or anything in it, porch pirates that steal your packages, or even just your general safety, it’s a good idea now to have cameras set up around your home. Especially cameras with night vision or some type of light that comes on at night. Take for instance the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera. Not only does this have night vision, but it also has a high-powered, 1200 lumens super-bright floodlight to light up whatever area you have this set up at, for both daytime and nighttime security.

The Toucan Security Floodlight Camera looks like your typical outdoor camera. It’s not the smallest camera out there nor is it the largest but it has the added benefit of a huge cluster of LED lights on the front. These are so bright that they can light up your entire driveway at night with just one of these cameras.

Other notable design elements include a built-in antenna for better signal acquisition to your router. Also, this camera is not battery operated nor is it rechargeable. Instead, the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera is powered with a good old-fashioned wired connection which I honestly don’t mind if it means not having the hassle of recharging or changing out dead batteries. The cable for power is very long so you should have no problems reaching an outlet with it.

Installation isn’t terrible either but it does require you to drill into a wall or wherever you are going to mount it which might be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Once it’s installed, however, you basically just set it and forget it.

Aside from the hardware, you will need to install the Toucan app to your phone and pair the hardware to your account. You will need to create a username if you don’t have one already and add the new device to your account. I did have some issues pairing the security camera to my phone at the beginning, but this seemed to fix itself after about a week.

Like with the doorbell camera, the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera will alert you of movements when the camera is triggered and send a notification to your device. It does save events as 30-90 second clips depending on your membership plan. You can set the sensitivity of motion as well as motion zones, where in the scene is considered a priority. You can also listen to what’s happening outside with its built-in mic as well as talk to anyone who is on the other side via 2-way communication. At night, the floodlight will come on by itself when it senses motion. I use this for my driveway and really appreciate it when it comes on when I get home.

Overall, the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera is an excellent investment for those who was a bit of security and peace of mind when it comes to their home. I love being able to see what’s going on around my home remotely and being able to record any suspicious activity. Not only that, I also use it to make sure whether or not I’ve closed the garage, which is a common problem I have when I leave sometimes. I forget whether or not I did and have to turn the car around to check. With the camera, I no longer need to do that.

So is the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera worth a purchase? So far, yes. It does everything I want an outdoor camera to do and because it’s wired, I don’t have the hassle of having to recharge it or swap out dead batteries. It’s always on and is a true set-it-and-forget-it device.

You can grab yourself the Toucan Security Floodlight Camera here on Amazon.

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