XBOX and Vanessa Bryant (wife of the late Kobe Bryant) have come together in an effort to celebrate the next generation of up and coming girls and women in all things sports and gaming related but it’s not just limited to those two things. It’s all about empowerment and a focus on all things that young girls and women are involved in or want to be involved in.

POWER HER DREAMS is what this movement is being called. XBOX is inviting fans who love basketball and gaming via the new POWER HER DREAMS web portal. By doing this young girls and women can submit a dream, choose between one of two charities and the team at XBOX will make a donation to that charity.

The new video content piece is narrated by Vanessa Bryant and features WNBA players Sabrina Ionescu (first player in NCAA history to break important records), Rhyne Howard (most decorated player in Kentucky women’s basketball history), as well as Zaila Avant-Garde (the first African American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee)

If you want more detailed information about this great initiative, you can actually read it in full detail on the XBOX WIRE right HERE

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