One of the best game series’ that Ubisoft is reponsible for is The Division. They are incredible games with addictive gameplay, beautiful scenery, great co-op action and an enthralling storyline. The sequel was just as good if not better.

The Division and The Division 2 still have plenty of players and a tremendous amount of staying power as they are THAT good and Ubisoft decided that off of that success it would be best to now get into the mobile market with The Division and with that we now get The Division Resurgence.

After the success of The Division games on console. Ubisoft announces the The Division: Resurgence the mobile game. While it is part of the canon story of The Division, Resurgence will have a different story line in an open world setting. Co-op will also be a part of the mobile game, there’s PvE and it remains to be seen if there will be a PvP mode later on but either way it’s exciting for fans of The Division series of games.

The Division Resurgence will be available for iOS and Android on their respective app stores. You can get more info on this game on the website HERE as well as sign up for the closed alpha and get a feel for the game yourself. We’ll be checking this game out as well and we’ll have updates and a full review when this game goes public and live.

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