Being a person that has been a sufferer of asthma and allergies all their life, air quality has always been of importance. Spring season is the worst especially with all the pollen and dust is another trigger for me. I talked to the good folks at Dreo who specialize in air units ranging from ACs, heaters, and fans to assess their Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier to see if it would change my air conditions for better or worst.


The Macro Pro Air Purifier is a two-toned tower that is black in the middle while gray on the sides. It measures a little over a foot tall at 15.2in and has a width of 9.84in. Its colorway I feel lends itself to blending in without standing out too much. By it being circular it has a 360 intake putting from every direction.

It has a total of eight buttons such as:

  • Filter Reset – Use to reset the filter change reminder
  • Child Lock – Use to lock/unlock all the buttons
  • Timer – Set intervals of 2, 4, or 8 hours
  • Turbo Mode – Utilizing the air purifier at its highest capacity.
  • Sleep – Most silent mode
  • Auto – Will adjust itself according to the air quality conditions
  • Manual – If you want to cycle thru the different fan speeds
  • Power – self explanatory

On the front is an Indicator Light that cycles thru distinct colors advising you of the current air quality at that particular time. This air purifier has a H13 HEPA Filter which is certified to eliminate 99.97% of particles ranging from dust, pet hair, mold, spores, pollen, etc. That indicator light has four colors such as Red, Orange, Green, and Blue being the best.


Putting the air purifier together and getting it up and running is a straightforward process. It comes in three parts with those consisting of the filter, AC plug, and the base itself. Once you get everything laid out, you just turn the base upside down, rotate the bottom cover and then place the filter inside. After that just rotate cover back on and put in upright position. Plug in the AC plug, power it on and get accustomed to the buttons and how they work. It is pretty simple to use with no remotes or apps needed.


So, I been using the air purifier for the past couple of months evaluating it in various settings. I initially hooked it up around the peak of allergy season (for me) and using it over time my allergies settled down some. I keep it off-centered a bit in my living room. I have noticed how quick this device notices changes. I tend to keep it on “auto” so if I am doing anything from cooking which may create a bit of smoke or if someone is smoking in general, I will hear the fans start roaring. It will continue to do so until it cleans the air and will slowly go back to its quiet unnoticeable setting. Its fascinating watching it go from Red and eventually cycle thru the colors back to Blue.


The True HEPA Macro Pro Air Purifier by Dreo I feel has been a welcome addition to my household. I have noticed changes in my allergies / asthma not being as bad as before and the fact this device revs up in moment’s notice of any air quality changes is excellent to see. Even though it doesnt have smart home controls it does come in at a great pricing of $139.99.

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