Alienware 720M

Today we’re taking a look at the Alienware 720M tri-mode gaming mouse featuring 26,000 DPI optical sensors, magnetic snap fast charging, and 8-programable buttons. I didn’t even know Alienware made gaming peripherals that weren’t sold with their Alienware gaming computers so it was a nice surprise when they asked us to check out their latest gaming mouse.

In the past, I never game gaming peripherals that much though, mainly because most of my gaming was done on a console. That meant all I needed was a good controller and I’d be set. However, now that I’ve switched over to PC gaming, I’ve come to realize just how important a good mouse and keyboard setup can be and how much the technology changes all the time. To keep up, many manufacturers are constantly releasing newer and more advanced products and the Alienware 720M is no different.

Alienware 720M


Here is where the Alienware 720M differentiates itself from others. While it might not look very fancy or flashy, it’s a handsome design that’s clean and minimal. There aren’t any holes cut out of it to reduce weight or lots of flashy RGB lighting. There’s only one RGB lit logo on top of the alien and that’s it. The only color it comes in is “Lunar Light”, which is basically a soft white.

Anyways, what’s different and unique about this gaming mouse is the fact that it is an ambidextrous mouse. That means both right-handed and left-handed gamers can enjoy this mouse thanks to having programmable buttons on both the left and right sides. There are technically seven programmable buttons, but it’s really five depending on which nad you use since the two buttons that will be facing your palm do not get used.

On the bottom of the mouse is the on/off switch along with the switch to change modes – wired, 2.4Ghz, and Bluetooth. There’s also a DPI switch on the bottom, which is an odd place to put this. The bottom of the mouse is black and there are even some skates on the bottom to keep your motions smooth.

For the most part, the Alienware 720M isn’t all the heavy and it’s actually really comfortable to use. The palm rest is nice and large with good support and the thumb buttons are perfectly placed for ease of use. The buttons on top are nice and clicky while the scroll wheel has some really nice rubber attached to it for better grip.

Alienware 720M


The setup of the Alienware 720M is very simple regardless of which method you want to use to connect it. I suggest either wired or the 2.4Ghz method if you’re using this for heavy gaming. It will be the most accurate and be less laggy. Bluetooth connections are okay if you’re just using it as a mouse or if you’re using it with a laptop that might have limited ports on it.

I like the use of the breakaway cable and how you can attach the 2.4Ghz dongle to it. This way you can connect the mouse to it if it needs charging or you can detach it if you want to go wireless. It lets you have the best of both worlds. This is a really ingenious design that I haven’t seen before and now I kind of wish all other wireless style mice had this.

In terms of usage, you will need to download the Alienware Component Application to make full use of the mouse and to be able to program it and update drivers. It’s not much different from what you’ll need to do with other gaming mice.

Performance is pretty good too for the Alienware 720M. You’re looking at 26,000 DPI, up to 650 IPS tracking and sensors good for up to 50G if max acceleration. If you’re running the mouse wirelessly, you’ll get 140 hours of use if you’re using the 2.4Ghz dongle and about 420 hours of use over Bluetooth. Weight is acceptable at just 89 grams.

Alienware 720M


While the Alienware 720M might not be the lightest or the flashiest, or have the most programmable buttons, it does have a lot going for it. The simple design the very comfortable in your hands and the fact that it has a symmetrical design means that it doesn’t leave out the left-handed gamer. In fact, this is the first mouse I’ve actually seen that is ambidextrous for both right and left-handed use. I didn’t even know they made left-handed mice.

Aside from that, I also like the build quality, the color seems nice, and the mouse itself is very responsive in both wired and 2.4Ghz connections. I also kinda dig the unique dongle that can be used for charging as well, which I appreciate because not all PCs have a ton of USB-C ports to spare.

The Alienware 720M tri-mode gaming mouse retails for $149.99, but it’s currently on sale at Dell which you can find here.

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