Blurring the lines between work and play hasn’t been closer than with SPACE by Beyerdynamic. Designed to simplify your work calls in the office but also fill in as a music speaker when you want to wind down and pull up that playlist to finish off the day. It looks to be the best of both worlds, but does it fit in each?

Fits into any decor

SPACE has a contemporary look that is suited to anywhere in the home or office without standing out too much. Its circular design has a clean textile material on the top accompanied by a LED ring that lights up and has multiple keys for distinct functions. Resting on the back is the power button, USB-C port, and Kensington lock slot for security if needed. SPACE comes in 354g which makes it light to carry around. On the bottom is a slot that conceals the USB-A adapter when not in use and helps it from getting lost.

SPACE has colorways of Charcoal, Nordic Grey, and Aquamarine. Beyerdynamic was nice enough to provide us with the latter two colors which at times can look close to each other in color.

Beyerdynamic SPACE comes with a USB-C cable, USB-A adapter, Carrying Case and Manual.

Setup / Features

Getting the SPACE up and running varies on how you plan on using it. If you are using it with a PC/MAC, it is a simple plug and play. My home and office PCs instantly recognized the device and was up and running. If you are connecting it to a PC, you can download the software to update the firmware. If using with your mobile devices, it’s the usual pairing via Bluetooth. Holding the Bluetooth key will put in a sync mode.

Besides what you see on the surface with the keys some can be held together to achieve other options such as turning off the LED, disabling voice prompts, and even changing the LED lighting to correspond with music.

Now one of the reasons Beyerdynamic provided two SPACEs was to double them up and try out the spatial stereo feature aka True Wireless Stereo Mode. This is achieved by holding the Y and Bluetooth buttons. Interestingly both models I have didn’t seem to come with a quick guide but did include the manual. Luckily, I had access to the video below to learn the additional features.

Sound / Usage

I have used the SPACE to play music from apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. Audio does not sound bad giving you a good clarity on vocals more than anything. Bass doesn’t hit the hardest, but it does have some kick. Most songs sound great and others sound a bit drowned out. It really varies depending on the track you are playing. Pairing two speakers together sounds good if you are trying to find a large room with audio or have speakers in different rooms.

As far as calls are concerned on the mobile side, I used it natively with my iPhone and could hear my recipient nice and clear and vice versa and keys on the device working. Same happens via Telegram which I used with my home PC.

In the office I used it heavily with a VOIP app called 8×8. Calls are super clear, and it eliminated the wired mess I had prior to it and could have it positioned anymore without yelling. Volume and mute keys worked without issue while the Pickup/Hang up buttons didn’t. It does light up for calls though.

One thing I liked is that even when it was connected to the PC for work wired the Bluetooth still could be utilized.

Battery life states it holds up to a 20hr charge and seems to be on par with that (the one I never have connected via PC).

Space was used with a iPhone 12 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and PCs.


The Beyerdynamic SPACE is a sleek modern look at the always needed speakerphone. Its fits into any environment whether in the office or at home. Its great for calls, cool for music, and switching from one to the other is a painless experience. Its pricing of $179.99 might be a bit steep for some but its multifunctionality helps.  

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