Since the start of the pandemic, my WFH transition went from having a standard desk to an L-shaped one designed for office and streaming. That meant, I needed to find a chair that would suit my 6″1, 280lbs frame. After going through many, many off-brand knockoffs I stumbled upon Vertagear, a company aiming to craft a chair that’s incredibly premium at a cost that’s affordable, and best of all, comfortable for all types of people.

Assembly and Durability

The advertised “easy to assemble” gaming chair is accurate – make sure you have an Allan key and you’re set to go; one is provided out of the box, but I used my own. After reading the manual, I was able to assemble within minutes. Though, one aspect came defected with my chair – the threading done for the hydraulics were off-set by a few millimeters which had me stuck on assembly longer than I would have liked. I had to improvise an angle to fit the bolts, but it’s still elevated from its base by half an inch. As unfortunate it may be, it’s not entirely game-breaking as the chair is still functional and absolutely sturdy. I suspect this to be a rare manufacturing defect that most people wouldn’t encounter.

The PL6000 is a chair designed for tall people that weighs over 250lbs – perfect for me (although I am working on an affective dieting program.) It is absolutely comfortable to sit on and does not sway as others did before it. The materials are sewn in a hybrid of PU faux-leather and PVC – called PUC. It aims to combine the best elements of both materials for durability and softness. After long gaming sessions, I found the leather at the base of the seating seemingly unaffected. The leather doesn’t feel cheap to the touch which is something I’m grateful for and best of all, the chair is very breathable as I haven’t sweat in it once.


You can adjust the chair’s height that’s gas-lifted, naturally, alongside its armrest with 4-directional positions. The backseat is entirely adjustable with tilt that can help you lean and a lock tab that’ll help with finding that goldilock position for optimal gaming. The materials used for its base is of aluminum alloy for that premium durability – one that’ll last way past its time.

The overall measurement of the chair stands at 54.6in tall and 35in wide. It’s not the biggest chair in the market and it will fit in pretty much all set ups – works especially well for me; I’ve been gaming and streaming on it for countless hours with very minimal strain to my back.

I have very few cons with the chair – most notably is the armrest’s padding is tough with no smooth on the edges and very little padding, resulting my arms to fall asleep often. I would have to opt for a cushion padding which I assume most people end up doing anyway. The height adjustment is great but when adjusting to its lowest point, my foot doesn’t really sit flat on the floor leaving the sense of float, even being 6″1. And as I mentioned previously with the assemble having threading issues of its bolts – look out for that when purchasing this chair. Otherwise, anyone who plans on upgrading to a racing gaming chair would find themselves extremely pleased with choosing Vertagear.


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