With spring season in full swing, it’s about that time where I start to not utilize backpacks as much and lean towards smaller bags to carry my daily essentials. Monos has a stylish sling that helps giving me just the right amount of storage I need while looking good in the process.  


I have used Monos in the past for my flight travels with their carry-on luggage but first time using one of their Metro Sling bags. First off, I like the look and feel of this sling. The material is nylon twill that covers most of the bag besides the zipper tabs and logo branding which is in vegan leather. It is equipped with various YKK zippers which are great for not getting caught up and stuck. The nylon material itself is water, scratch, and abrasion resistant. There is an adjustable strap that also includes a buckle for easy removal, if necessary, from your body.  

There are two areas for storage on the sling. The main compartment can be utilized for putting in your usual small essentials and in that same area is three sleeve pockets and another zipper compartment for anything else. There is also a keychain carabiner if you want to lock in keys/fobs within the sling.

On the back of the sling is a zipper pocket that can’t be accessed when pressed up against the body and is in most cases hidden.  Like their luggage it does come with a drawstring storage bag for when not in use for extended protection.


With the weather getting warmer I been able to take this sling out more on the daily. I found it to be pleasant for carrying just what you need. I would use the hidden zipper pocket on the back for my wallet and keys while the main portion would be for a phone or two, earbuds, hand sanitizer, and a balled-up shopping bag for groceries. I’d keep a pair of shades in that smaller zipper compartment inside as well.

Wearing it for long periods I found it to be comfortable and the adjustment strap helped me find the perfect spot I needed it at. You can wear it on the shoulder but found myself applying it crossbody either in the front or back.


The Metro Sling is a simplistic but still stylish sling. Its build quality is quite superb, and its size makes it compact for everyday essentials. Its quite comfortable to wear for a decent amount of time.

Mono Metro Sling not only comes in four colors for Nylon but also a Vegan Leather version with its own distinct three colors. Nylon is $70 while Vegan Leather is $75.

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