Now typically my yearly travels consist of hitting up a couple of states to either visit family or attend a couple of events but one I was always guaranteed to touch down yearly was at CES in Vegas in January. Unfortunately, with Covid sweeping the nation over the past year all flight plans have been cancelled (for me as least) until recently. The team at Monos was able to provide me with some gear such as their Carry-On Suitcase and Compressible Packing Cubes to make my trip back out into the world a pleasant one.


Monos gives you ten different colors to choose for your luggage lineup. One that really caught my eye was “Terrazzo”. I felt it as if its colorway chips away from all their other colors and splatters it on a white canvas. FYI Terrazzo is typically a material mixed up of other materials so it’s a nice inspiration here. While Monos has a variety of suitcases I went for their “Carry-On” model.  The bag itself is comprised of German Makrolon polycarbonate when gives it some bend and flex. Best believe I did seem to stretch its limits a bit. Even though it has managed to retain its original shape afterwards.  

Looking more at the exterior you can there is a TSA-approved combo lock while there is a handle next to it. There is also the usual adjustable handle with different height settings to cater to most body lengths. Monos utilizes Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360-degree wheels so you can quietly travel without being noticed.

Opening the suitcase shows off its interior giving you access to two compartments. The zipped section is typically used for shoes and other items you don’t want to tumble around while the other side can be used for clothing and has ballistic nylon straps to keep everything tight. Each side has some pockets for little things you may want to slip in.

Monos Carry-On comes with an anti-microbial laundry bag, two shoe bags, vegan leather luggage tag and a luggage storage bag cover.

Compressible Packing Cubes

To help with organization Monos also sent over their Packing Cubes which come in sets for 4 and 6 with colorways of Tan, Grey, and Black. At first glance they look small and like they won’t do much expand out a great deal. Outside utilizes nylon twill while inside is anti-microbial fabric. Mesh helps to see what you have inside but also allow your clothes to breathe as well. Its equipped with two zippers at the top and one at the bottom to help compress.


With the world opening back some I made plans to go to Tampa, Florida for WrestleMania weekend. I wanted to pack three sets of clothes spanning from Friday-Sunday. Using the separate compartments was key in getting everything I wanted inside this suitcase. I used the zippable compartment to store a pair of kicks as usual but also a pair of pants and one of the larger packing cubes for a couple pair of shorts. The other side I utilized the smaller cubes to store underclothes, socks, and some t-shirts. 

With the combination of the zipped compartment, compression pad, and the packing cubes I was able to store a great amount in this suitcase. I realistically stuffed it, but the polycarbonate expanded and stretched to accompany this.  I only miscalculated a bit as I didn’t realize it was slightly smaller than my usual AWAY suitcase. But only because that was their “Bigger Carry-On” version which could be equivalent to Mono’s “Carry-On Plus” as I’m using the standard “Carry-On”.  

Traveling from state to state and going thru 4 airports which included me wandering Miami Airport for a 3-hour layover (wasn’t planned), the suitcase managed to breeze through quietly and quickly not providing the slightest of discomfort with its adjustable handle. It fit perfectly in overhead bins and managed not to get as much of a scratch on it.  The Terrazzo colorway is quite the looker too as I got numerous compliments about it even from airport staff.


As a first-time user of Monos and their Carry-On suitcase, it sure made it a pleasant experience. The fact I was able to fit such a good amount in there and it expands and refitting itself afterwards thanks to the polycarbonate shell is great. The included bags helped for storage on my trip back and separate items from others. Also, I think I’m just a big fan of the Terrazzo colorway as it just stands out and it’s a unique style I haven’t seen elsewhere on luggage.

Monos does offer a lifetime warranty on its suitcases and even has a 100-day trial where if you aren’t satisfied by any means you can get a refund back.

Monos Carry-On suitcase is $294 (as of 5/6/21 on sale for $220) and its Compressible Packing Cubes start at $75.

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