I have been rocking out with the KeySmart Pro for the past couple years now which has drastically slimmed down my pockets, but I was interested in this modular key organizer of sorts from Keyport. Here lies the Pivot 2.0 which offers everything from tools to faceplates to even lost and found services. Can the Keyport Pivot 2.0 be my new favorite key holder?


Pivot 2.0 is a rectangular key organizer that comes in three different styles of Titanium, Stainless, or Aluminum. After choosing your material you then can dive through the inserts ranging from pens, flash drives, multi-tools, or even clone your fob and add it to a RFID Key.

Adding your keys and inserts is easy by simply unscrewing the bolt and stacking everything onto the cylinder. It can hold up to 8 keys and that’s not including the inserts. It doesn’t seem like it will fit at first but once you line it up and screw it down, they all fit into place.

The way Keyport designed the Pivot 2.0 it’s set to never loosen based on a 90 degree locking mechanism. Also the way the chassis is designed you can practically snap on mods and tools to either side or both.

On top of the Inserts, you can also add Faceplates which can be some of the available choices or get a custom one. We have one with the G Style Magazine branding on it. Besides Faceplates you can also modules such as remotes, mini knives, or a flashlight to name a few. I have their flashlight aka the Pocket Flare on mines.

I been using the Keyport Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle that includes the Pivot 2.0, Pocket Flare Mod, and MOCA 10-in-1 multi-Tool


Now at first glance the Keyport Pivot 2.0 felt different as its keys are all stacked on one side where the KeySmart Pro has them lined up on each side to give a slimmer profile. But what I have found surprisingly is with all the keys stacked on each other it makes the device more solid especially when using the keys to unlock doors, etc.

I also found it easier to gain entry to my keys as they aren’t sliding into each other and locking up. On the outer ring I have my key fobs for work and home which are easily accessible.


Using the Pivot 2.0 really lives by its name of being a modular key organizer. The ability to customize the pieces or setup how you want it is phenomenal. The keys always stay locked in place until I decide to slide them out and never loosen. I think it’s a nice accessory to transform your key carrying arsenal.

KeyPort Pivot 2.0 is $24.99 while the Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle is $49

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