1More has been making some moves in the true wireless department and I think they may have hit a sweet spot with its ComfoBuds Pro for various reasons. First off, its pricing is right under $99 and it provides a lot of features you typically don’t see in this range. I been rocking them for the past month and will let you know if they live up to being comfortable.


The ComfoBuds Pro come in two colors of either black or white which were sent to us to review by 1More. Its charging case is peapod shaped with mostly all white color. The 1More branding is in gray on top while the Type-C port resides is a metallic gray around it. The slogan “One More, Hear More” is written above it. Unfortunately, the case doesn’t support any wireless charging, but you do get Fast Charging though.

The earbuds themselves are easy to pop out the case by simply pushing down on the piping of them. Yeah these are pipe style earbuds and can be put back in via magnetic prongs. I have found them to always line up which is good. The buds themselves are white with the 1more insignia in gray while red accents are where the speaker/mic grills are.  The stems indicate when they are charging or pairing with its red or blue flashing lights. ComfoBuds also have Auto Pause/Resume features for when you take out one or both earbuds and then later put them back in. They are rated IPX4 for water and Sweat Resistance.

Included with the 1More ComfoBuds Pro is a Charging Case, USB Type-C Cable, and Carrying Case.

Feature / Sound

Being this was my first time using any of 1More’s earbuds I was interested to see how they handled customization. Modes and Features can be accessed either by “Touch & Hold”, “Double Tapping”, or Tapping 3x. You can do anything from changing the ANC, Play/Pause, Vol Controls, Etc. The app will allow you more access to change these controls to your liking. Listening Modes can be adjusted for ANC. Also, you can see battery levels on the earbuds and case while even getting firmware updates.

The extensive amount of listening modes is impressive with the ComfoBuds Pro. There is Strong, Mid, Pass-Through, WNR(Wind Noise Resistant) and of course Off. 1More has an option catered for every situation and in the time using them they have found each one quite useful.  I utilize Strong in the noisiest of places such as my daily commute on the train they do a pleasant job of blocking out my surroundings. They even did a great job on my flight to Florida a couple weeks back. Pass Thru also gives you a nice amplified pitch to your surroundings. Using these earbuds for convos everything is heard clearly on both ends which I confirmed with various calls I made.

On the audio side they are using 13.4 mm titanium composite dynamic drivers and surprisingly give out decent sound quality. They supplement a nice amount of bass while not being overbearing. The thumps can be felt while jamming to Yamborghini by A$AP Mob while Kelly Price’s vocals can be heard soulfully in the background of “Sue Me” by Wale. Watching the Bank Heist scene from Justice League Snyder Cut with Wonder Woman, every bullet reflection and henchman toss sounds on-par with no delays whatsoever.  


Battery life on the 1More ComfoBuds has been extremely good to me. They are slated for 20hrs with case and I can’t frankly remember the last time I charged them. Wearing for extensive amounts of time they weren’t uncomfortable to me at all nor did they ever feel like they were ready to slip out.

Only issue I had personally was using it with its accompanying Android app. It has gotten better over time via updates from its first release but there are times when you must go in and out the app a few times for the earbuds to recognize. Its not all the time but it can be quite annoying.

Used with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone


For my first go with 1More and their earbuds they have impressed me. Its various ANC options and sound quality I feel surpass most in its price point and heck even some ahead of it. Battery life is stellar and lightweight in the case and comfortable department. Well worth its affordable $99.99 price tag.

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