Thanks to Covid, I believe that we’re starting to be more aware of the air around us and what kind of germs and bacteria might be lurking in the unseen. For the most part, the only time we ever really questioned the quality of the air was when it smelled really foul. These days, it doesn’t matter if the air smells clean or not. We are all cautious about how close we are to people or how many particles of whatever is in the air around us and some masks aren’t even able to filter these out anymore. That’s why Kaltech invented the MyAir personal portable air sanitizer and deodorizer.

The Kaltech MyAir is small, just a bit larger than a medium-sized Swiss Army Knife. It’s a handsome-looking device that mostly has curved edges, though there are two perforated grills on either side of it. The unit we received is all black with silver grills and overall it looks pretty nice. The unit has a small clip on it so that you can clip it to your shirt or shirt pocket but also includes an adjustable neck strap if you rather wear it like that. On the bottom sits a USB-C charging port but you can also use the included desk charging stand instead.

Operating the Kaltech MyAir is as simple as just pressing a button to turn it on. According to the manual though, it should be worn about 20cm away from your face. That’s less than a foot for us Americans. Also, make note that there there is a filter in it that will need to be cleaned out every couple of months.

So how does the Kaltech MyAir work? Basically, it uses something called Photocatalytic Technology, developed by Kaltech. It takes the polluted air filled with things like bacteria, viruses, and other harmful matter, the bad stuff. I’m not really too familiar with the actual process of converting the air, but the end product is clean air. Due to the size of the Kaltech MyAir, it’s able to only convert about 7L of air per minute. If worn correctly, this 7L of air points directly up at your chin and nose area.

You’ll know it’s on because the little device does emit a low humming from its tiny fans and you will also be able to see the UV light through the top vents. Not only that, but the Kaltech MyAir has a distinct smell that comes out of it that smells a bit like chlorine. I guess that’s what “clean” smells like.

Whether or not the Kaltech MyAir unit actually sanitizes and deodorizes is a mystery to me. I have no means of actually testing the air quality around me and the only thing I notice when it’s on is the faint smell emitting from it. I guess that detracts from other odors that might be more offensive. Regardless, if you’re a germaphobe or just generally want something you can take around with you that deodorizes, the Kaltech MyAir just might be for you. If anything, at least it gives you the impression that it’s doing something and that might just make some people feel better in crowded public spaces.

The Kaltech MyAir is scheduled to be released in the U.S. market in the next few months.

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