KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect charger. I have a couple of favorites that I use at the moment that do mainly everything I need them to do but they all have their little quirks which keep them from being 100% perfect. However, I think I may have found something that’s close, and it’s the KOVOL Charging Mate Sprint 120W GaN PD charger. This is a relatively small charger with 4-charging ports and enough juice to charge a laptop and several other devices at the same time.

The KOVOL Charing Mate Sprint is a rectangular block that is meant to sit on your desk or table. It includes an AC input cable which means that, unlike some other charging blocks, it only takes up one outlet space. It’s mostly all black and made of heavy-duty plastic. The cable is about 5ft in length so you have plenty of play here with where you want to place the actual charger. And with that, the charger sits much closer to you than the ones that plug in directly at the outlet.

KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint

I did mention that there are 4-charging ports here. Two are USB-C PD ports and two are USB-A are QuickCharge ports. One USB-C PD port can provide up to 100W of power or if using both, 60W of power each. The USB_A ports provide 18W of power for each port.

In terms of functionality and convenience, you really can’t beat it. The KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint can handle practically any device you plug into it. I had no issues charging my Galaxy S21 Ultra, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2, or my HP laptop. It was also able to charge all my accessories as well. What you will need to provide are extra charging cables which this does not provide. I do like the fact that you’re able to replace several separate chargers with just one of these so I no longer need to carry a separate laptop charger, Nintendo Switch charger, and phone charger. While the KOVAL unit is a little bit heavier, I’ll trade that for the convenience of not having to carry around multiple chargers.

KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint

So how good is the KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint 120W GaN PD charger? Very good. I think 4-ports is just enough for all my gadgets when I travel and I like that this has both USB-C and USB-A ports. The detachable AC cable also makes this a bit easier to carry. My only complaint is the weight, as it is a little heavy but again, I’m willing to deal with that. The KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint 120W GaN PD charger is about as near perfect as you can get if you’re in the market for a multi-port charger that can handle the most power-hungry of devices.

You can grab yourself the KOVOL Charge Mate Sprint on Amazon.

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