Monster makes a lot of accessories for your home entertainment setup and this includes power strips and surge protectors. One item they make is the Monster Power Shield XL Surge Protector, which is basically an outlet relocation hub that offers up 4x outlets and 2x USB ports for use with your entertainment or home office setup.

While the Monster Power Shield XL may resemble a power strip, you’re actually encouraged to mount this on the wall, which makes it more like an outlet relocation device. Its 6ft nylon braided cable makes it easy to mount almost anywhere you need it to be, though having just four regular outlet plugs might not be enough for some users. Luckily, there are also two USB-A ports included with a total output of 3.4A. This isn’t quite enough to fast charge some phones and tablets, but at least you’ll be able to free up some outlets.

Like with most Monster products, it seems to be well made, has a sturdy construction, and the nylon weave cable is long and durable. I also appreciate the fact that the cable is 6ft long which means that it is much more useful than some surge protectors that have super short cords.

The Monster Power Shield XL Surge Protector includes a lifetime warranty as well as a $50,000 connected equipment guarantee. Like with most Monster products, however, the Power Shield XL is a bit on the pricey side at around $60. On the plus side, it’s a good-looking surge protector.

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