Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller

There are a lot of Nintendo Switch controllers out there right now, many of which are pretty basic in terms of function. Meaning they just have what they need and that’s it. However, sometimes you want a controller with a bit more oomph and style and that’s where the Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller comes in for the Nintendo Switch. This is a really affordable third-party controller with some extra Pro-level features and flashy LED lighting to enhance the look of your gaming setup.

Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller

The Power A Enhanced Wired Controller is an officially licensed Nintendo product which means you will have no issues with compatibility. It has that familiar Pro style shape and all the buttons are laid out exactly the way the Nintendo Switch Pro controller layout is. The buttons and triggers seem to have a nice solid click to them while the joysticks are nice and tight. The front of the controller features a soft-touch finish for extra comfort but that back is just regular plastic. Overall it’s a nice design and build that is comfortable to hold.

Aside from its looks, the Power A Enhanced Wired Controller does have some nice features. It includes a detachable 10ft long cable, anti-friction rings, and an ergonomic design. Also, the controller has rear game buttons that can be mapped to other buttons so you won’t have to take your thumbs off the sticks for certain games. There’s even a 3.5mm audio jack for a headset.

Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller

Programming the rear game buttons is very simple. Just hold the Program button for three seconds. when the front light starts blinking, tap the button you want to clone. Then tap one of the buttons on the back that you want to be used as that button. That’s it. The buttons on that back are pretty solid and they don’t seem to get in the way of your grip.

Are there any features missing? Well, there were some trade-offs I’m guessing to make the controller more affordable. There are no rumble motors for vibrations and there’s no support for Amiibos.

Despite that, the Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller is pretty nice. This version of the controller is heavier than the regular Enhanced Controller and feels much better. The only feature really missing from this is wireless. With the cable, you’ll be tethered to your Switch, but at least it’s a 10ft cable. So with that said, the Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller is a great wired Pro controller option for the Switch that won’t break the bank and looks great with its flashy RGBs.

The Power A Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller is available now at Amazon.

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