Earlier this year Apple released AirTags which is a tracking device that can be utilized in various ways and Catalyst known for making some impressive impact and waterproof cases for iPhone and other devices wants to give you various resources for your AirTags.


So, Catalyst has not one but three different cases for your AirTags each bringing a unique feature to cater to your needs and “Total Protection”.

Clip-It Case

This case is designed to be clipped on to items ranging from collars, camera straps, or heck if you want to put on a kid’s sneakers if you desire. It can widen up to 30mm wide to essentially be clipped onto most items without issue.

Stick-It Case

With this case you can stick it to pretty much anything you can think of frankly. Bikes, cars, suitcases, you name it thanks to its 3M VHB removable sticker.

Hang-It Case

This is more of your traditional hang cases you see. Being attached to everything from bags to belt loops, keys, or pet collars. It includes a carabiner hook if you can use the smaller key ring attached.

All cases have 10ft of drop proof with a 3M MIL STD 810G rating and 330ft waterproof protection with a 100M IP68 rating.


Its fairly easy to get the cases setup. All you do is unscrew the grippy part of the case, wrap the silicone around your AirTags, pop back in and screw back on. It keeps your AirTags nice and sealed and provides visibility if you have any designs on your AirTags.

I have tried all of them but at the moment have the Hang-It Case on my backpack.


Each AirTag case from Catalyst comes at a reasonable price of $34.99 and once again offers something for everyone with its distinct but similar designs. So, whether you want to stick, hang, or clip your AirTags there is something for you.

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