Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker

We all know what Bluetooth speakers do by now. Some are meant for portability and adventure use while others are meant to sit in your home or office and provide a reliable means of audio pleasure. It’s the second type that we’ll be looking at today with the Tronsmart Sudio Wireless Speaker. The Tronsmart Studio is a 30W Bluetooth speaker featuring patented SoundPulse technology, TuneConn pairing technology, and a sleek, modern design that will blend into any room decor.

Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker


Let’s start with the design as that’s always the first thing people notice first. The Tronsmart Studio is a handsome design that is both modern and sleek. It has a bit of a trapezoidal shape with a body made almost entirely out of hardened aluminum. It has black metal mesh grills on both front and back and black rubber buttons on top. The base features a raised, rubberized stand that gives the Tronsmart Studio the appearance that it’s floating a few millimeters off the table.

The speaker is entirely done in matte black and it does definitely give the speaker a sophisticated, sleek look. While not a very large speaker, it does have some really nice weight to it, which is usually a good sign of quality.

Aside from its external good looks, the Tronsmart Studio features a healthy dose of speakers. You get quad passive radiators, dual tweeters, and one sub-woofer. Somehow, they’re able to fit all of that into a relatively small package that doesn’t sacrifice any sound at all. There’s even a 2500mAh rechargeable battery capable of around 15 hours of playtime between charges. Recharging is done via a USB-C port on the rear.

Speaking of which, there’s also an AUX jack on the back and a micro-SD card slot as well if you want to play music that way.

Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker


The big feature here is the inclusion of Tronsmart’s patented SoundPulse technology. Long story short, SoundPulse is an upgraded version of DSP (Digital Audio Processing) technology which works in conjunction with a customized chip and a large power chamber. This makes a small speaker sound like a large speaker. SoundPulse also counteracts sound defects and makes vocals sound more gentle, the sound richer, and allows for longer listening times.

There’s also TuneConn technology, which you will probably never use. This allows you to sync audio across 100+ speakers. The rest of the specs are pretty impressive as well. There’s lossless high fidelity audio, Bluetooth 5.0, 30W RMS power, and up to a 32ft transmission distance.

Lastly, there is a companion app which you can use to adjust the sound profiles with the build-in equalizer. The app is also used to upgrade the firmware when there is an upgrade.

Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker


The Tronsmart Studio is a Bluetooth speaker that punches above its weight class. Not to sound like a cliche or sound insincere, but the Tronsmart Studio is a darn great sounding speaker and one of the best I’ve heard. It features a full range of sounds and handled everything I threw at it with ease.

Vocals came in crisp and clear while the mids and lows were nice and deep. The bass wasn’t low low like you would expect fro ma large subwoofer, but it was very clean and deep. From a speaker this size, I was definitely impressed. In fact, through the entire range of sounds, the audio was very, very clean and distortion free, even at high volumes.

Speaking of which, this speaker can get very loud, as loud as any large speaker system can get. That is very impressive. You can literally fill an entire large room full of sound with just this one speaker.

Function wise, the controls are very well laid out with large buttons that are very easy to get to.

Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker


So to finish this off, the Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker is no lie, one of the best wireless speakers I’ve experienced this year. The audio that this thing produces is so impressive, especially when you consider just how small this is when compared to some larger speakers with the same type of output.

I am truly amazed by it and you will be too. This is a solid speaker with a solid build and incredible audio that you might just stop using anything else you may have.

You can get your very own Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker here on Amazon.

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