Sony in their push to make their games more accessible to everyone has slowly but surely over the past couple of years allowing their premium A1 titles to be ported over to PC. This is a position that Sony was once vehemently against. Understanding that more and more people are building and playing on PC and what I believe is a threat from Microsoft and Xbox with their Game Pass, Sony realizes that it has to expand in some way if they want to remain in a competitive space now that the gaming landscape is and has drastically changed.

Consoles are no longer the most important element for any company making games. Access is, and rightfully so, Sony is making the change by adding the Playstation PC label to their list of existing services. It makes sense. In the last year give or take, Sony has released Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone and ported them to PC with some great success. It was announced that next year 2018’s GOTY God of War will be ported over to PC in January 2022 and then the full Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection sometime after.

This is a good time to be a Playstation gamer and hopefully we’ll get more and more of the titles that we love(d) on the PS4 on PC upscaled in 4k glory with that kick ass hardware you may have on your PC.

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