Able Carry Daily Backpack

I’m a big fan of backpacks. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect one and while some have come close, I wouldn’t say I’ve found one that is 100% there. Well, I’m here to tell you that I might have finally found the one that is closer to perfection than others, at least for me that is. It’s the Able Carry Daily Backpack. Not only does this backpack look good, but it also has a ton of features I’ve been looking for in a daily and travel pack.

Able Carry Daily Backpack


For reference, this is a 20L backpack. It’s not huge but it’s also not small. It’s able to swallow up most of what you need throughout your day and makes for a pretty good travel bag if you are packing fairly light.

The version of the Able Carry Daily Backpack sent to us is the one in Deep Black. This version of the bag is made with X-PAC fabric that features high strength with low weight. The fabric itself seems very rigid and strong and seems like it will hold up to serious abuse. The interior of the bag is reinforced with polyester X-GRID and backed with a laminated piece. The materials and construction alone are already enough to impress. From just an initial visual inspection, you can tell that a lot of effort and though went into construction. The stitching is incredible and the zippers aren’t just normal zippers but are YKK zippers with vinyl treatment to make them more water resistant.

The Daily Backpack also seems to come with a stiff back plate inside the back to help keep it’s shape as well as to protect a laptop if you decide to carry one. There’s ample amounts of padding too for your back and shoulders straps as well as a sternum strap for support.

Able Carry Daily Backpack

On to the design. The Able Carry Daily Backpack from the back looks like you’re typical shaped backpack. It’s rounded at the top and bottom and many of the edges just disappear into curves. From the side, you can see that the backpack is thinner up top and widens at the bottom, yet still looks relatively slim. Side profile looks relatively clean too with nothing really protruding from it. If you notice, the bag doesn’t even have your usual water bottle holders. Instead you’re encouraged to use the front pocket for that.

Speaking of which, the front pocket is a top to bottom zippered pocket. It’s actually fairly large and can fit quite a bit of stuff into it. There are no organizational pockets in this though but there is an included key leash which you can use to attach your keys or anything else that can clip on to it. I actually like this design because it means you can move the backpack to your right side and access this pocket better.

The front pocket isn’t the only outside pocket available. There’s also a top quick access panel which you can use to store items like your phone, passport, and wallet. Basically anything thin.

Able Carry Daily Backpack

Next up is the main compartment which you’ll be storing most of your gear. This compartment is very spacious and includes a laptop sleeve, large enough for a 15″ laptop, a mesh zippered pocket, a interior lined zippered pocket, an open pocket, and two tiny pockets you could probably fit two pens into. There’s actually a ton of storage in this thing to carry most of what you might need daily, or while traveling as a person item.

For instance, I can easily carry my laptop, laptop charger, a mouse, a jacket, my phone, water bottle, some magazines if need be, a kindle eBook reader or other tablet, and even some headphones. Even with all that, there’s still room to spare.

Lastly, lets talk about what Able Carry calls their innovative A-Frame. Basically this is a series of anchor straps and tapered panels that help keep the shape of your bag. These provide anti-sag support as well as places for you to attach stuff like carabiners and accessories. The A-frame also includes the wide cushy straps across the shoulders and the multi-layer foam panels on the back for support. Basically the A-frame is there to provide maximum comfort and support.

Able Carry Daily Backpack


So what makes this the almost perfect bag for me? For starters, the Able Carry Daily Backpack looks terrific. This is a really good looking bag and I love that it doesn’t look too big but also doesn’t look too small. It’s just the perfect size to fit everything I need throughout the day, but also enough for when I travel. Another thing is that there are ample pockets available to keep all my gear organized and accessible. The top quick access pocket is a plus and is a great place to hide your phone and keep is secure from theft. I also love all the places you can attach a carabiner to for versatility.

Of course I can’t forget just how solid this bag feels with its quality materials and heavy duty stitching. This bag isn’t going to fall apart on you and that’s really important in a backpack.

What’s not to like? Not much really. I honestly can’t find a single thing really wrong with this. Although, one thing puzzles me about it. Apparently there is a super secret pocket somewhere on the back, but I can not find it anywhere. If you’re using this bag and you know where it is, let me know in the comments!

Able Carry Daily Backpack


The Able Carry Daily Backpack might just be one of my favorite back packs right now. While it might not have any fancy designs on it or interesting mash ups, this bag honestly looks great and carries everything I need. What’s holding it back from 100% perfect though? Just minor things. Like I would have loved a laptop sleeve that is lined in something much softer than what it is now. Also the mesh interior pocket isn’t stretchy like you think it would be so it isn’t quite as versatile as it could be. Lastly, the deep black material on the exterior can get quite dirty so you might have to clean it often to keep it looking good.

Other than that, I absolutely love the Able Carry Daily Backpack and you probably will too.

You can grab your own Able Carry Daily Backpack here on their official site. Check out their other bags too while you’re there.

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