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The current impact of tech

The global impact of technology and how it has infiltrated pretty much all aspects of our lives cannot be denied, as people are actively looking for technological solutions to implement in both their personal and professional lives. The unprecedented global conditions of 2020, and subsequent developments, sparked a new wave of interest in the tech industry. In light of this, tech companies are currently amongst the most appealing and investors have been turning to them to see which are the most promising. Over the past two years, businesses have been exploring various work from home alternatives or adopted hybrid working operations. On a personal level, at-home entertainment and remote communication methods also witnessed a boom, all of which was made possible through the use of technology.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people are constantly on the lookout for the latest tech developments and accessories. Understanding that tech devices are actively bought and sold across the globe, irrespective of where they are manufactured, the import effect on USD and EUR trading remains crucial. Imports and exports are based on exchange rates and the strength or value of the currencies in question and, more often than not, the abovementioned currencies are more stable and prominent than the others because of the role they play in global economic activity, including the tech industry.

Accessories to look forward to

As developments and advances continue to be made, there are a few notable accessories and gadgets that tech enthusiasts can look forward to in 2022. These include, but are not limited to:

Xiaomi Mi Air Remote Wireless Charger

This is a concept that many have been begging for over the years – a wireless charger. While some other brands have already acted on it, Xiaomi is expected to release its Mi Air Remote Wireless Charger in 2022. The convenience that comes with being able to charge your phone within a certain radius of your charging station is unmatched. Moreover, the charging station is said to be portable and accommodating of multiple devices, which means that you can charge more than one device at a time.


As the name suggests, this tech innovation relates to the much-loved and acclaimed Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) brand. Specifically targeted at gamers, the bucket-shaped KFConsole is a gaming console that is a PC with high-quality components. Moreover, it will allow them to heat up their chicken wings without much interruption from their gaming. It is a known fact that gamers tend to get so caught up in their gaming that they may just forget to eat or prepare a meal, which the KFConsole seeks to creatively address.

C Seed M1 Unfolding TV

Perhaps one of the most innovative and space-conscious to be expected in 2022, the C Seed M1 Unfolding TV is ideal for those who are looking to save space in their house. The TV is said to be foldable, much like an envelope, with just a push of a button. Additionally, this also makes it a very discreet device to have, and it is thus less noticeable and less likely to be immediately identified as a TV should there be a break in.

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