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The world of mobile gambling has been on the increase in the past decade or so. By the end of 2017, it was estimated that the mobile gambling industry was worth a massive $100bn. That is nothing to scoff at.

It is evident that online gambling keeps on growing exponentially, thanks to the many advances in technology in recent years and some biggest mergers and acquisitions.

Online gambling is the process of placing bets or playing online casino games in the hope of winning. The face of gambling has undergone numerous changes in recent years. Whereby before you could play card games in saloons or land-based casinos, now you can play on the go straight from your mobile phone or tablet.

Whether you want to spin the reels of online slot games, play card and table games or even placing bets on your favourite sports team; all this has been made possible thanks to technology.

Mobile Casinos and Apps

Mobile technology has brought the world of online casinos and sports betting and players closer than ever before. Mobile technology has made it possible to shop online for your favourite items, book a restaurant or taxi and claim an online casino bonus hassle-free.

Just to put it into perspective, mobile online gaming has gone up from 75% in 2012 to 84% between 2013 and 2015. This clearly is a winning solution.

Betting on mobile devices has also hit a massive $100 bn, which means that circa 164 million persons have used their phones to play at a mobile casino. Whether it’s to play slot games, place bets on a sports event or purchase online lottery tickets, this has all been possible thanks to mobile technology.

Of course, the convenience factor is undeniable. Players no longer have to play their favourite games on their desktop PC if they don’t want to. Whether they are waiting for the bus on their commute to work or are sitting on the couch bored at home, players can easily access mobile casino sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They also don’t have to physically travel to a brick and mortar casino if they don’t want to, especially since the payout percentages are in the players’ favour when gambling online.  You also don’t have to adhere to opening hours.

Without any imposed restrictions, players can game around their own busy schedules.

Interactivity and mobile technology

Some players might crave the interaction with dealers while other players, not so much. This has also been an important factor that the casino industry chose not to ignore. You can now chat with other players as well as croupiers via the live chat function when playing live casino games.

No need for a webcam or for voice chatting here. All the communication is done in real-time via the live chat function.  Players are keen on chatting, celebrating and commiserating over their wins with other players via the chat function.

When it comes to sports betting, players can follow live sports events via their preferred gambling site. You can follow live stream games straight from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this, there has been a huge surge in interest as well as online betting.

You never know what other changes technology will bring to the world of online gambling. While many virtual reality slot games have been touted for a number of years, a few more tweaks might be expected to make them fully accessible to all players. And that’s not all. Let’s not forget that blockchain technology has also introduced secure and instant transactions. Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely accepted but they are getting there little by little as more countries and jurisdictions take a leap of faith.

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