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League of Legends is not your everyday game – it’s much more!

Since its inception on the market in 2009, LoL still remains the most popular and holds the number one spot for MOBA fans. With that in mind, RIOT made LoL the biggest and most anticipated eSports game to date.

As League of Legends grows, so does the hype and the market around it. Countless new jobs are formed, and they all provide real chances of earning some extra money. There are plenty of ways to make a profit in LoL, and one of them is buying and selling League of Legends accounts through unrankedsmurfs. Below, you will read how, what to avoid, and how to keep your account secure in the whole process.

The Most Famous Method to Buy and Sell League of Legends Accounts for Profit

There are multiple ways to profit from selling LoL accounts. The first and most famous method is to buy lol accounts for a lower price and sell them at a higher value. It’s the typical stock market ‘Buy Low Sell High’ scenario. And yes – you can get away with this.

To do this, you will have to be in the middle, dealing with customers and building up your own site, which can be a considerable risk. This method is known under the name of outsourcing and is working as the stock exchange market. But for this, you have to have already a high rating on some platforms like Fiverr or others similar to it.

Other Different Ways to Make Profit From Selling League of Legends Accounts

The second most common method to sell a League of Legends account for profit is boosting. Players usually buy stock of accounts leveled to 30 for the lowest price possible, and then the fun begins!

To do this efficiently, it’s best if you and your friends play together. Of course, being placed in a high ELO with your main account is mandatory if you want to boost the lower-ranked account efficiently.

If you go through the first ten matches flawlessly, carrying the rest of the team – you can even get an immediate Platinum placement. You can easily push this rank even further, considering your ELO is untouched. Once you get the account to Diamond or higher, you can quickly sell it for a solid profit.

Starting From Scratch

You can even start from scratch if you have no intention of investing any money whatsoever.

This is the most straightforward and probably the safest way to go. All you have to do is create an account, level it up to 30, and take on that Ranked Queue as hard as you can. If you’re proficient enough and you can easily reach the likes of Diamond within days – you’re in for a treat.

If you’re the original owner, you can easily sell an account. However, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind. If you create an account with the intention of selling it – make sure to keep all loot boxes and Blue Essence. This way, you’re giving the buyer a chance to buy all the champs that they want.

How Lucky People Do It

Some players buy accounts with unopened loot boxes, hoping they will get valuable skins and sell the account at a higher price later on.

This is not a famous method, but still – some players do pull it off.

Honestly, It’s more of a gamble, and making a profit is not guaranteed. Most players who do it are either feeling lucky or simply want to experience the fun of it.

Nevertheless, these accounts can sometimes turn into big winners. Imagine getting an account with 20 loot boxes and landing on DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Star Guardian Ahri. These three skins alone are worth over €50, and you will easily come across a buyer who doesn’t want to overpay for the skins to RIOT.

How to Get Started Into The League of Legends Account Business

All gamers wish to earn something extra playing games – whenever they like, and anywhere they like from! Some gamers even strive to make buying and selling LoL accounts a booming business, and some have even succeeded.

One of the easiest ways to start is by selling accounts through sites like Fiverr. However, this process requires some start-up cash as you will have to come up with a solid marketing campaign. First, you have to set it up and buy multiple accounts from cheaper sources. Once done, fire up your marketing strategy to get your page on top of everyone.

This is not easy and will take quite some time to build up. Plus, you will need some resources for the advertisement so people will get to know your gig.

Partnership, Affiliate Programs, and Sponsorship

Partnership, Affiliate Programs, and Sponsorship are the trinity force of power when it comes to a huge startup if you are a streamer, Youtuber, TikToker, and so on.

To conduct a partnership, you will need to get in touch with famous sites such as buyalolaccount.com. A contract will bring both parties a considerable profit as the site will increase traffic, while you (as a streamer) will get multiple perks and rewards for your loyalty and driving customers in.

Signing up for an affiliate program is also super popular among Streamers and YouTubers as they get provided with a code. It’s a code that people can use to get a small discount while you get a cash percentage from all the traffic you deliver. It’s a pretty straightforward marketing technique, but it works perfectly as both the streamer and the site profit.

Sponsorships are pretty hard to get unless you already have an excellent follower base. However, if you do manage to get a sponsorship from sites selling LoL accounts, it means that you’ve made it. Simply showing ads during your stream will bring passive income to your channel. That income comes from you driving people from your channel into their site. They get their cut – you get yours.

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