It wasn’t too long ago we were checking out Nixplay’s 2K Smart Frame and they are back at again adding touch functionality and eliminating the need for a remote control in the process.  But does it make it your photo sharing life any easier?


Nixplay’s Touchscreen Smart Frame comes in one size of 10.1” and is available in three colors of Wood, White, or Black which Nixplay was nice enough to send over to us. While the other colors might pop more this one can blend in more with its environment. It does have a gold trim that goes around the outer border of the frame and is on the back. Also, there you see the familiar wavy honeycomb pattern Nixplay is known for as well. Compared to the cable stand that was on the 2K display, this one is a standard plastic one that be adjusted to about three lengths.

Nixplay 10.1 Touch Smart Photo Frame includes US Plug, Adjustable Stand, Wall Mounting Screws


Getting the Nixplay frame up and running is rather easy with you powering it on, setting up your Wi-Fi connection and logging into the app or creating an account if you never used Nixplay before.

If you never used Nixplay before, the app allows you to make playlists of photos you already have on your phone or set up ways where friends and family can upload to the frame as well either via the app or just sending pictures via email. 

Since I already had the Nixplay 2K frame setup previously it posted that playlist right away, but I did make a new one to keep the two separated.

Day to Day

I been utilizing the Touch Smart Frame for a bit now and feels compact size wise compared to the 2K frame even though it has a slightly bigger display.  This is a HD display with it having a 1280×800 resolution and aspect ratio of 16:10. It does get rather bright and holds up well in broad daylight and of course in the later darker hours. It can be put in landscape or portrait mode so whatever your preference is.

As far as the touch functionality its responsive and can go through images with ease. I do wish it had some haptic feedback to it though as times I don’t feel like I pressed anything but I indeed did and here I am tapping thru various shots. I have images on here from photos I took with my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and they look spot on from how I shot them.

Even though there is no remote I think I got used to it on the 2K frame and like picking it up rather than grabbing my phone at times. Especially to turn the frame on/off or even just pause it.


The 10.1 Touch Screen Smart Photo Frame is a nice addition to their portfolio making it great for those that prefer a hands-on approach and don’t care to use a remote control. The frame is lightweight, blends into its surroundings and provides nice image quality. Its touchscreen is very responsive and present just about no lag transitioning to different menus or changing settings.

For a price of $209.99 it puts just over $20 of its usual non-touch version.

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