With the world opening back up slowly there is surely one thing I expect to see more and that is photos. Nixplay has been in the digital photo frame for quite some time with various designs but this maybe one of their most significant ones with this model. It showcases a 2K display fit to make your pictures look its best. But are the extra details worth it?  


Nixplay’s 9.7” display is one of the smallest in their lineup but once again stands out because of its high-res screen. The frame color comes in Black or the one I am covering courtesy of Nixplay which is Silver. This color sets itself apart from others as its more a mirror reflection than anything. It looks splendid when the light hits it. But also, is super prone to fingerprints and hence a fingerprint cloth is included. On the back is a black wavy pattern. The back also hides a magnet that you can place the included remote control. It has a good range and does not have to be pointed directly at the frame to be used.

Nixplay uses a bendable braided cable wire that not only helps power the device but also acts as a stand for the frame. I wasn’t just how sturdy it would be using but the frame hasn’t moved an inch the past month it has been up. It can also be setup via wall mounting screws if you want to go that route that are included in the box.

Nixplay 9.7” Smart Photo Frame includes US Plug, Remote Control, Wall Mounting Screws, Fingerprint Cloth


Setting up the Nixplay frame was particularly easy to setup with just plugging it up, downloading the Nixplay iOS or Android app and following the instructions to get it synced up to your Wi-Fi network. Once that’s out the way you can about many ways of getting photos (and video) onto the frame.

You can utilize the app and photos you already have your phone can easily be uploaded to the frame. You can also have photos emailed to the frame which helps if you want to give the email address to friends and family. You can also click on the “Friends” button on the app and invite them to send content either to the frame itself or just to a particular playlist. You can also connect to Google Photos and other apps to send photos from as well.

Day to Day

For the past month or so I been using the Nixplay Frame and I just been blown away by the sheer detail of the 2K Display which is 2048X1536 and has a 4:3 Aspect Ratio. I uploaded photos I took with my Sony A6600 camera, Google Pixel 3XL, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It doesn’t disappoint at all. I thought the best digital frame came from Netgear with its Meural Canvas Frame, but resolution is top notch. It doesn’t do bad in bright daylight conditions and definitely shines in the later times of the night. Speaking of night, the frame is equipped with various sensors for light, activity and orientation as it be positioned in landscape or portrait modes.

I also did upload a couple videos to it which looked cool, but I never been big on having digital smart frames with videos. So, it does works if you desire to use it but I for the most part opted out of it.


I am fairly impressed with the sheer image detail this 2K frame from Nixplay. It will make your photos look glorious and shouldn’t disappoint in that department. It is a quick setup and can get you up and running in a matter of minutes. Now with this being a 2K display it is also one of Nixplay’s most expensive frames retailing at $329.99. I have seen it fluctuate though with Nixplay having it currently on sale for $247.99 or regular price on Amazon. Now if you are getting for a gift and 2K isn’t a big issue Nixplay does have 1080p frames that are around the $180 range (on sale ranging around ($130-140).

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