If you just got the latest iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Max over the past month or been rocking out with a 12 Series over the past year you are hopefully aware of MagSafe to help charge your device. Also, most likely you have an Apple Watch or AirPods or hey what about just completing the trifecta right?

Well, Mophie as the Apple aficionado in mind as their most recent 3-in-1 can charge all your items in one shot.  


This 3-in-1 wireless stand has a spot to charge your wireless AirPods, a stand to place your Apple Watch magnetically while your iPhone sits in the middle via MagSafe. I will mention that this stand does not include a MagSafe Charger and you will need to utilize your own. You can use the apple branded one or other ones but I’m using one by Mophie.

The stands for the Apple Watch and iPhone pop into the base and the MagSafe charger wire can down the stem and under the base and wrap around finally plugging into the USB port. The base itself is a mix of white and gray that is all plastic. There is just one indicator light showing charging and that’s for the earbuds portion.

Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Stand comes with a Power Plug (does not include MagSafe Charger)

Features / Usage

Using the Wireless stand it’s straightforward in what it can do. It does a good job of charging all your devices and as for the iPhone it’s at a decent for your phone if you say have it on your desk as I do. Also, you can put your iPhone either vertically or horizontally. I have used it without a case and with a MagSafe adaptable case as regular cases will not work.

Snap+ Wireless Stand

Mophie does have an option if you are just looking for a stand just for your iPhone alone and it’s the Snap+ Wireless Stand. It has the MagSafe built-in, so you don’t have to buy or utilize another adapter. It also supports their “Snap+” which can be used with other devices to charge other phones besides iPhones.


The 3-in-1 wireless stand isn’t bad if you are in that Apple mobile ecosystem and want to charge all your devices at once. Only gripe about this product is it doesn’t include the MagSafe charger so you either must use your own or buy one to add onto this. I imagine though on Mophie part this was to keep the price at $89.95 and if consumers needed to buy more they would.

If you only want to charge your iPhone 12/13 via MagSafe there is the Snap+ Wireless Stand option which is only $59.95 and does a swell job as well.

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