Last month in a surprise announcement, Harman showed us they were getting into the mobile power accessories business with a brand called InfinityLab. But what makes it different from others that have come and gone is they are taking a fast approach on sustainability on everything evolving the products from the build all the way down to the box.


Just taking these out the box you can see the levels InfinityLab will go to utilize recycling and resources. Going through all three devices all are packaged just right not wasting space and wrapped only in paper. The devices themselves are derived from 90% recycled plastic and are very compact.

Most of the products come in two colorways of Black or White (more like light gray) and have the power they wield etched out in big numbers across each one. The only that really pops out is the neon green strip which houses the InfinityLab logo.

The InstantCharger is 65W and has two USB ports with one being USB-A and the other USB-C. You can charge multiple devices at once and it does support fast charging USB-C laptops. It does come with swappable travel plugs for the US, EU, and UK which can easily be changed out. It also includes a pouch for safe carry.

The InstantGo 10000 Wireless is a beast with the capacity of charging three devices at one time. The USB-C port supports 30W PD while the USB-A goes up to 15W. Like the InstantCharger it does the ability to fast charge laptops up to 30W with USB-C. Wireless charging works fine with or without phone cases as I tried with my Galaxy Fold 3 and iPhone 12 Pro. If you look on the last “0” there is a lightning bolt indicating wireless charging.

The InstantGo 5000 does up to 18W and can charge up to two devices at once. One via the USB-C port and the other via the integrated cable of your choice whether it be iOS or USB-C.


I been utilizing for different scenarios, and I just love how compact and powerful they are. Having Power Delivery does wonders and gets your phones juiced back up with ease with the InstantGo 5000 and 10000 battery packs. The InstantCharger is so small but great and portable for my Huawei MateBook 13 thanks to GaN and fast charging.


So far, I used these over the past couple weeks I have no gripes and just love the style and quickness these devices possess. The InstantCharger is at a relatively good price at $49.95 while the InstantGo might a bit more up there being $79.95 for the 10000 and $49.95 for the 5000. But these things seem to be built well and the fact they are eco-friendly may sway you a bit as well.

InfinityLab various products are available via their website or on Amazon.

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