It didn’t take long for leakers to share that Bungie has been working on BattleEye for months now. The biggest thing Destiny 2 suffered from was the present of cheaters ruining aspirational content such as Trials of Osiris; and due to the charade of tweets and leaks, Bungie was forced to comment on the existence of BattleEye soft launching next season.

This is huge news I wish was never mentioned – BattleEye is one of the strongest Anti-Cheats in gaming; games like Rainbow Six Siege has been utilizing this system for a long while now and with elements like live banning, it is sure to really up the fairness of D2’s PVP. But, having this news out so soon only give more insight for cheat companies looking to profit off of players who are devious.

It is soft launching to test the waters and maybe this is how systems evolve, I dont know – it’s because I care that I feel this may be an issue down the line. More than like Im wrong, but still.

Look forward to Bungie’s TWAB later today.

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