OtterBox over the years has been known for bringing some tough protection your smartphones, tablets and other devices over the years via cases and screen protectors. They have also expanded their portfolio further across other mobile accessories and even outdoor products such as coolers and cups.

Now they are stepping into the mobile gaming space with Xbox to bring gamers some cool quality accessories ranging from batteries to cases to mobile clips

Easy Grip Controller Shells

These controller shells are easy to pop on to your Xbox controllers and look to give you a better hold on them. The shells come in a variety of colors and each one comes with two different styles of grip pads. I have used them with an Xbox Series X controller for long periods playing games such as Tetris Effect and Forza Horizon 4 and they have felt comfy in hand. They are also easy to remove as well. They also have an Xbox One S/X model as well.

Price $39.95

Power Swap Controller Batteries

If you are looking to stay in the game without interruption that’s when the Power Swap Batteries come into play. You can use one battery and once its about to die easily swap to another. It has a Reserve energy cell that gives you a bit of juice while you do the switch.

The kit comes with two batteries, charging dock, USB-C to USB-A charging cable, reserve energy cell and cages for Xbox Series X/S controllers as well as for Xbox One controllers.

I have the dock connected to my Xbox Series X for charging. I do wish OtterBox had an option to buy an additional energy cell as I would have liked to have it where I can use both batteries and cages. I know that’s not the full purpose but something to think about it. Otherwise, battery life itself hasn’t been bad thus far using it playing various games.

Price $59.95 / Amazon

Mobile Gaming Clip

Since Xbox has kicked it into full gear with Remote Play and Xbox Game Pass streaming over the past year or so I have found myself using various gaming clips for on the go. This one by OtterBox is great as its catered to Xbox controllers whether it’s the One or Series models. It has adjustments for both and even can be folded up to use just with your mobile device if necessary. I have used it mostly with a OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone indoor and on the go outside. Keep in mind it can be a bit harder to add and remove if you have the Easy Grip Controller Shell on your controller already FYI.

Price $29.95 / Amazon

I been digging the various Xbox accessories by OtterBox and love the quality of them. Everything has worked as advertised and look forward to seeing what else OtterBox has down the pipeline. Maybe something for Sony PlayStation 5 controllers perhaps?

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