Season of the Splicer is at the closing mark with the reveal of the Epilogue. August 24th is just around the corner for the big Witch Queen reveal and one thing that everyone else is noticing aside from the Vanguard is that, Osiris is Cursed with deception – and I have a standing theory as to why.

Osiris has always been a rebel in his own right, fueled by curiosity as the lore states and with what we experience with Curse of Osiris – his immortality played a huge role into exploring the Infinite Forest, and it is why he seems so nonchalant about everything. During Season of the Dawn, we saw his love and care for Saint-14, where he would practically assert us into the Sundial because of his hope to save him from his demise, thus creating a new timeline having Saint-14 live in the process.

These key characteristics is what made me question Osiris’ motive since Season of the Hunt, where he would recklessly go into a Shadowkeep in search for answers regarding Wrathborne infections – and having him lose Sagira (his Ghost) seem to have zero impact to his overall personality. You would think that losing the one thing that kept you alive, and gave you great company into your superfluous journey would impact Osiris tremendously, but it didn’t. During the Red War, you saw the weight it had on the Vanguard when the Traveler was suppressed by Emperor Ghual, rendering every guardian lightless….so the feeling is universal, but again, not for this Osiris variant.

I’m going to say it, I think Osiris is Savathun in disguise – or at the very least, Hive magic of deception. After all, Savathun is the Hive Goddess of Deceit.

I’ve grown suspicious of his behavior when he decided to fully help Uldren without hesitation – Uldren Sov is prone to Darkness energy, proven in Forsaken, so it would be natural that Osiris would be attracted to Uldren. Then during Season 13 when Uldren decided to save Zavala from an assassination attempt and Osiris basically burst in anger because of it….and with Osiris’ insinuation in using the enemies weapons again them as deception in both Season 12 and 13 is just too obvious to me.

Season 14’s storyline is even more obvious with how Osiris uses the Towers vulnerability to the Endless Night to get into their hidden archives of the worlds knowledge to “learn more about Savathun”….we all know it’s for Savathun to know what we know about her – and how about the dialogue he has with you specifically during the Expunge missions? How “we are the embodiment of the impossible,” and “I will not make that mistake again” – the real Osiris literally witnessed us destroy gods on the regular, why state this?

I’m telling you guys, he is, at the very least, an agent of Savathun, and the real Osiris is stuck in some sort of Ascendant Plane with Toland because he was flying too close to the sun and the Witch Queen didn’t like that. His lack of support and disappearance during the Epilogue is obvious on his motives, and I can’t wait for The Witch Queen’s reveal to know more!

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