So, I had the opportunity to get a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 at a decent price last year and I figured if didn’t like it well I sell it right. Almost coming into a year its one of my favorite devices to use and can’t put it down. One of the first devices that truly bridges that gap between tablet and smartphone, and it does it oh so well (in most areas).

I found myself switching to other smartphones (for review purposes) and so anxious to getting the Z Fold 2 back in my hands. Its that addicting and just fits all purposes for me. With the Z Fold 3 on the horizon, I figure I go over reasons I can’t quit this device and am anticipating its successor.

Dual Displays

The main reason you are interested in the Z Fold 2 is of course its folding screen. When folded you get 6.2” Cover Screen similar to a smartphone while unfolded you get the massive 7.6” tablet viewing angle aka Main Screen. The Cover Screen is Super AMOLED while unfolded you get a Dynamic AMOLED screen. The folded screen is narrow, but I found it decent to use daily whether I’m playing some games or quickly watching something. But the Z Fold 2 shines bright when you expand out to that full main display. Gaming, content consuming or heck doing both is a gem on here.


So, the Z Fold 2 has a total of five cameras. Three on the rear which are all 12MP with lens such as Ultra-Wide, Wide-Angle, and Telephoto. The other two are 10MP Selfie Cameras with one on the Cover Screen and one on the Main Screen. Over the past year I have taken a little over 3,000 photos with this device and found the camera to satisfy most needs.

It provides the usual saturated colorful photos you get from Samsung. I wish for its price though its camera setup was more on par with the Note 20 Ultra that came before it. As far as selfies nothing crazy but the Z Fold 2 does have a feature to use the rear cameras and the front display when folded out to take some crisp selfies.



Remote Play working via the #PS5 but not with PS5 controller but #PS4 one. Examples in video. #playstation #playstation5 #remoteplay #fyp

? Fly – Marshmello
Quick video of using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with PS5’s Remote Play

This device is a beast for doing multi things at once. With such a huge screen real estate of 7.6” I find myself sometimes playing a casual game such as Candy Crush on half the screen while watching YouTube on the other. You can surely stretch the limits on here though and take it to about four apps at once. But realistically it becomes a bit overkill.  This is a superb device for gaming whether mobile or streaming. Using it with a PS5 and Xbox Series controller I have enjoyed playing games like Spider Man Miles Morales and Forza Horizon 4 just as much as being home.

Surprisingly Durable and Powerful

As I have tried to squeeze the most out of the Z Fold 2, I never had to worry about any slowdown or power issues. This is thanks in part to it having a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage (or 512GB), and a 4,500 mAh battery. Anything I threw at it handled with ease and battery life I felt got better over time. Jumping in and out of apps or leaving apps open for hours caused no issues and great to come back later and my game still waiting for its next move.

 I did try and baby this phone but of course you know drops happen unfortunately. Besides the usual wear and tear the phone is in as great of condition as I originally bought it. I also been using Samsung’s Aramid Cover as well the whole time. The hinge hasn’t loosened up and unfolding and folding feels the same coming into a year. Using features such as Flex Mode are fun if you want to do video calls, take photos, or just want content without the need of stand. Just fold and relax.

Problems to Unfold

Once again while I love the Z Fold 2 ever so much there are a few things I hope get better. While you can load up every possible app on here it can come with some caveats. Whether its Cover or Main screen some apps just size up weird. This is most notable with social apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Regrettably, the orientation will be out of whack. Images and videos maybe cut off from being too zoomed in. You can download Samsung apps such as Good Lock and others to assist you and tinker around with it to your liking. I just hope there is more support from app developers with this device and the Z Fold 3.  

This phone has some weight to it coming in just under 10oz. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, I can feel the difference when coming to my iPhone 12 Pro(6.67oz) and the OnePlus 9 Pro(6.95oz). Its not pants pocket friendly and find myself carrying it in hand most times unless I have on a jacket.

Of course, the biggest glaring issue for most with this device is price. When it originally released it came in at a whopping $2,000. It made it more expensive than getting a smartphone and tablet separately. Trade-ins cut the cost down but still gave it a high price tag.

The Future

Its successor the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3(alongside the Z Flip 3) is slated to finally makes it appearance on 8/11/21 to much fanfare and excitement. Hoping to get a slightly lighter body, improved camera specs, better app support, and most important a lower price.

Are you interested in the next wave of Samsung Foldables and if so, what are you most forward to seeing?

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