Gunnar has been working with Ubisoft quite a bit for some of their glasses collabos ranging from some of their gaming franchises such as “The Division”, “Assassin’s Creed”, and of course “Rainbow Six”. This time around they are modeling glasses after the operator Ash aka Eliza Cohen who is a character in the video game Rainbow Six Siege.


The 6-Siege Ash Edition glasses feature semi-rimless frames which have an Amber-React tint. These adaptive lenses can be utilized indoors but also outside as well.  The temples have the usual Gunnar insignia on each side but also curve in just like the frames themselves. They are stylish and look just like the glasses the character wears in the game.

These glasses come with the usual cleaning cloth and pouch but have a metallic glasses case reminiscent of a chest that looks to give your eyewear all the protection it needs. Going back to the cloth there is artistic face visual of Ash on there.  The pouch has the Siege 6 branding while on the other side is another visual of Ash but this time with her back and that orange ponytail.  


Using these for extended periods of Forza Horizon 4 and Tetris Effect on Xbox Series X they did the job of giving my eyes from drying out. I tend to play those two games a lot of will find myself locked into the screen for long periods especially Tetris. Also, the good thing about the curve is even if you happen to look over to the right or left a bit you are still covered.


The 6-Siege Ash Edition are relatively inexpensive at $99.99 and will have you looking just like Ash from the game. They give a nice coverage for gaming on the eyes with the curve and the pouch and hard casing give great protection when not in use. If you are interested in a prescription version, they start at $249.99

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