Last year Verizon decided to break away from fees and contracts introducing “Mix & Match” allowing you to veer away from the usual needed bundles. It allowed you to get either just internet or just TV or do a mix of both to your liking. I liked what they were offering for internet and left my prior service provider as a result last Spring. No issues and I never been happier.

So, while Mix & Match isn’t going away Verizon Fios is adding some enhancements to their services. First off is Whole-Home Wi-Fi. This will give you more coverage in the home by utilizing a router and an extender. This is all included with Fios Gigabit Connection plans.

Another new addition is more accessibility to their Fios TV app. It will be available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. You get one of their Fios TV One Boxes include in your TV package and you can access the app on any of those additional devices in the home helping you save some money.

New customers that sign up for Fios Gigabit Connection get a Samsung Chromebook 4 at no additional cost. You can check out Verizion’s Mix & Match selections HERE

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