Electronic Arts otherwise known as EA had a showing today of what’s to be expected on their end from the gaming side in the coming months and one big piece of news that has the whole or least most of the gaming community excited.

This year’s EA Play Live event was hosted by WWE star Austin Creed who is a big time gamer and also the host of his gaming channel on YouTube called UpUpDownDown. Austin basically walked us through what EA is offering in a fun way and if you’re a fan of EA games then EA Play Live did not disappoint.

Battlefield 2042 which is EA’s newest BF game showed off some more gameplay and features. Apex Legends got a major update as they head into their 10th season with a new title Apex Legends Emergence and a major new character reveal Seer.

Lost in Random is a new action, puzzle/RPG with some incredible animation that pays homage to stop motion animation from the past. It’s incredibly good looking and intriguing.

We’re not going to get to in depth with the EA Play Live showcase. Just take a watch of the video in it’s entirety and you’ll see everything that was shown today. It was impressive but the big reveal was clearly the announcement that Dead Space was being remastered for current gen and it was revealed through a teaser trailer which doesn’t show much as the game is still in development but it was enough to get you excited for this incredible games’ return and you can check that out above. All in all, EA had a great showing today and gaming is looking good with so many new games to play and if you’re an EA fanatic this was all for you.

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