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Millions of Brits around the country, and many more millions of people all over the world, are watching the 2020 UEFA European Championships (usually referred to as the Euros) this summer. The tournament, which happens every four years (but was postponed last year), is extremely exciting for England fans. But how could it affect Chelsea?

Although league games are not coming back until the Premier League returns in August, international tournaments like the Euros can still affect league clubs such as Chelsea for a variety of reasons. For example, players can receive injuries during international matches that affect their ability to play for their home clubs.

Which Chelsea Players Are Playing in the Euro 2020 Tournament?

Chelsea FC has always been a proudly international club, with players from all over the world wearing the iconic blue shirt and playing together. Because of this, and the fact that Chelsea is such a world-class team with so many incredibly talented players, it is really no surprise that they have such a large number of players representing their national squads in this tournament and others. But how many Chelsea players are playing in the Euros this summer specifically?

There is a grand total of 17 Chelsea players taking part in the European Championships.

This is the full list of every Chelsea player in the tournament, their position on the pitch, and which nation they are representing.

  • Emerson Palmieri, Defender (Italy)
  • Jorginho, Midfielder (Italy)
  • Ethan Ampadu, Defender (Wales)
  • Michy Batshuayi, Striker (Belgium)
  • Andreas Christensen, Defender (Denmark)
  • Mateo Kovacic, Midfielder (Croatia)
  • Reece James, Defender (England)
  • Ben Chilwell, Defender (England)
  • Mason Mount, Midfielder (England)
  • Billy Gilmour, Midfielder (Scotland)
  • Cesar Azpilicueta, Defender (Spain)
  • Kurt Zouma, Defender (France)
  • N’Golo Kante, Midfielder (France)
  • Olivier Giroud, Striker (France)
  • Antonio Rudiger, Defender (Germany)
  • Kai Havertz, Midfielder (Germany)
  • Timo Werner, Striker (Germany)

How Could This Tournament Affect the Premier League and the Future?

With so many Chelsea stars taking part in the Euros, it is inevitable that Chelsea teammates will end up competing against each other on the pitch during matches. We don’t yet know the Euro 2020 final odds, but chances are at least a couple of these players will be taking part in the final.

This can cause friction and damage relationships in some cases, but thankfully footballers are usually able to stay professional and separate league tournaments from international tournaments! In fact, the experience of taking part in an international football tournament can even bring players closer together and give them a renewed vigour when returning to play for their league clubs!

International tournaments can even attract lots of new fans to league clubs. Fans introduced to players from the Euros and similar championships often end up following their fortunes in competitions like the Premier League, which can increase the fanbase of a club and therefore benefit them. Whichever team wins the Euros, there is sure to be plenty of excitement, and it gives the players a chance to stay practiced between Premier League seasons!

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