If you’re a gamer and you’ve been paying just a little bit of attention to the gaming news out there, then you have may caught a glimpse of new game that Ubisoft had been teasing. From the looks of it, it was clearly an FPS shooter, it was fast paced and gorgeous but aside from that we knew nothing. All we knew is that we had something to look forward to from Ubisoft and that’s always exciting.

Well, the wait is over. We now know what that game is and what Ubisoft is doing. This new game is called XDefiant and it’s Ubisoft’s ALL NEW multiplayer experience and it’s safe to assume that Ubisoft is looking to make some more noise in this space considering Battlefield 2042 is soon coming and it’s something different from Rainbow Six for those players that want something to get in on from a competitive multiplayer game that doesn’t already exist from Ubisoft.

XDefiant is free to play and this games focuses on factions, teamwork, gunplay, ultras and of course your skill set. The characters within the game are all based on factions and enemies of the Tom Clancy series of games i.e the Division, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and other games within the Ubisoft game base.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this new game you can sign up for the initial test for August 5th at www.playxdefiant.com . You’ll be able to play this game on all available platforms including Stadia and Amazon Luna with full cross-play being available on launch day.

Ubisoft looks to have a great new title on their hands and we’ll be playing, hopefully you’ll be playing and playing a lot. COD and Battlefield are now on notice. We’ll update you once we start playing it.

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