I have grown fond of using UAG cases with OnePlus devices over the years. It does help they are one of the only major case companies that has dedicated to the brand year after year which is a great thing to see. While the OnePlus 9 Pro is an eye catcher with its Morning Mist colorway it is also prone to fingerprints and is glass on both sides. This case helps alleviate some of those issues.


UAG’s Plasma Series cases are known for giving you a nice layer of protection while still showcasing what the phone looks like in some ways. It is comprised of a rubber material that goes around the border of the case but giving extra attention to the four corners with impact resistant. The plastic shell can take a hit but makes the case itself still rather light. This case also does work with wireless charging.


While I was originally using the Karbon Bumper Case by OnePlus I just didn’t feel it gave me enough protection, but it is slim. Switching over to the Plasma case I felt that needed protection and allows for a better grip on the device. Cutouts allow easy access to the slider and puts needed security around the camera lens. Buttons are responsive to the touch as well. I did use it with wireless charging and found it was fine as long as you lined it up properly.

Since this is a curved display there may not be as much protection on the screen as you want. But this is understandable as you wouldn’t be able to utilize the curves all that much.


With the OnePlus 9 Series, Urban Armor Gear looks to have only focused on one case design / color this time around for the OnePlus 9 Pro but excluding the OnePlus 9 entirely. Besides that, the case itself does provide some nice protection for your OnePlus 9 Pro and still manages to be lightweight in the process. It does just add a bit more height to an already tall phone.

Plasma Series Case for the OnePlus 9 Pro is $39.99.

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