PureGear S21 Ultra Case

It’s been a long while since I’ve had a daily that actually has a huge variety of cases I can use on it. It’s a fact that if you want a phone with a lot of cases, you get an iPhone. However, Samsung’s phones aren’t that far behind and their latest Galaxy S21 series actually has a lot of cases for it. A lot of the large brands make cases for it and even smaller brands that aren’t normally known for their cases also make cases for them. PureGear, for instance, is normally known for their power adapters, chargers, and other accessories, but have lately also been getting into cases. Two cases PureGear makes for the Galaxy S21 Ultra are the Slim Shell and DualTek both of which provide different levels of protection and style to suit your preference.

PureGear S21 Ultra Case

PureGear DualTek

The PureGear DualTek is PureGear’s toughest case. This is a drop test certified case rated for 20ft drops and the box says it is military standard tested and approved. The DualTek is a hybrid style case that features a plastic shell with rubber borders. The rubber boarders provide a good amount of shock protection with the corners featuring built-in bumpers for extra protection. Inside the case, you’ll also find this rubber strip that I assume also offers some shock absorption and also keeps the back glass from rubbing up against the plastic inside.

The outer part of the case is coated in a soft-touch coating that gives the case a really nice feel. On the left and right bottom edges, PureGear also included these rubber grips for extra support and a more confident feel when holding it. When on, the case is actually pretty slim feeling with the thickest parts being at the corners where the bumpers are. I like how the back is a bit raised to protect the camera bump while the corner bumpers are raised up front to protect the screen. On the back, there are also these tiny little bumps that help lift the case up a bit so it doesn’t directly touch any flat surfaces. I’m guessing this is done just to protect the look of the case on the back.

Overall, the PureGear DualTek does seem to provide some excellent protection in a very stylish and comfortable-to-hold package. PureGear did an excellent job designing this case and it certainly doesn’t lose out to any of the bigger named brands out there. I also like just how black this case is, which matches up perfectly with the Phantom Black variation of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Amazon PureGear DualTek Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

PureGear S21 Ultra Case

PureGear Slim Shell

The PureGear Slim Shell is a different animal from the DualTek. As the name implies, this is a slim shell design that is clear so you cam let the natural beauty of whatever color Galaxy S21 Ultra show through. Unlike some of the cheapy slim cases you see out there, this one is made of clear plastic on the back and clear, frosted TPU or rubber borders. There’s nothing particularly special about the case, but it’s a nice design that keeps things slim with just enough protection. There are some nice metal button covers however, so that’s pretty good looking.

Protection with the Slim Shell is as you would expect on a case like this. The plastic back does a good job of protecting the back from bumps and drops while the rubber borders provide just enough drop protection for daily use. The front does have a raised lip to help protect the screen a bit which is something all good cases should have these days. On the back, the camera hump sits very flush with the back of the case so I’d be a little careful with how and where you place your case when on its back just because there could be a chance of maybe scratching it or nicking it. That’s my only real concern with this case, but I guess that the price you pay if you want something ultra-slim.

With that said, the PureGear Slim Shell case is an attractive case if you don’t want to mess with the overall look of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. It’s slim, it fits well, and does provide just enough protection for those who want a bit of peace of mind when it comes to some protection. I’d take something over nothing these days, especially with a phone that costs that much and the PureGear Slim Case is better than most other cheap generic slim cases you might find online.

Amazon PureGear Slim Shell Transparent Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

So how would we rate these PureGear cases? Pretty good actually. The PureGear DualTek is definitely a clear choice if you’re looking for something tough and protective against drops while the PureGear Slim Shell offers basic protection for style. The Slim Shell however isn’t bad though and I appreciate that they tried to make it as slim as possible without sacrificing protection. Overall, both these cases are good and will be added to my current rotation of cases I have for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

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